Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 841

For Christmas our nephew and his wife gave us the ACT RSPCA "Pet a Day" Calendar for 2012.

It is a lovely gift for so many reasons. But what made it MORE lovely is that they  paid for our beautiful Max to get his very own day in the calendar (he got 14 July) in which his photo appears.  What a great gift!

Now as if that ain't special enough, he was then chosen by the RSPCA to STAR on the front cover!!  Can you see him there?  He is the lovely blonde bloke with the gorgeous deep brown eyes and the big smiling black lips.

Their own dog Ruby also got a guernsey appearing as "Miss January" in the calendar. That's her up there as the big January banner - black Lab with red collar. She is also smiling.

Why wouldn't they be smiling?  They're loved ... and they're famous!

A lovely Christmas present for all concerned.  Particularly for the animals that the RSPCA help on a regular basis.

PS  Our poor Max's eyes are no longer deep chocolate brown.  They have gone milky white due to his blindness.  Seeing his eyes change like that is heartbreaking. But any warmth that is lost through his eye colour is still there with his big smiling lips and his very waggy tail.  He's not quite as spirited as he used to be (he's feeling a bit anxious and confused at times), and he's not hip-gyratey and showing us his lipstick anymore (which isn't a bad thing),  but he's still a very happy camper.  


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