Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 842

Happy Australia Day!!  And who won the Herbal Essences give-away?

On this Australia Day I would like to say thanks so much everyone for their greetings from around the world.  I had Fiji, Spain, Hawaii, New Zealand, Italy, Japan and Iceland all represented with big smiley hello's over the last week.  How very multi-cultural. Isn't that what we love about this fair land of ours?

Without further ado, it's time to announce the winners of the Herbal Essences give away.

Derek is diving into my trusty crusty sweaty FBI cap ......................

(dive, dive, dive .............)

and wola!

Out comes BRENDA      LISA H     and    E!

Woot woot.

Congratulations ladies!! I will be making contact with you shortly to get your details so that the Herbal Essences gurus can send your new Body Envy packs to your front door.

While I am on the subject of winners and success and fair dinkum Aussies, I'd like to give a big shout out to my son-in-law Pat. Pat is married to the lovely Chelsea and between them they have big dreams.  I like big dreams. I support them whole heartedly.

While Pat is a plant operator by day (is that what you call someone who drives a digger?  Excavating and landscaping and all that) he is a DJ by night. And I'm not talking about someone who whacks on a few CDs and talks into the microphone occasionally, but a fully fledged interactive DJ who creates his own dance tracks, mixes songs together on the spot, throws a few noises in, dances away in the background and excites the crowd by his sheer presence.  That's Pat.  Well actually no, that's not Pat, it's Bedrock Beats!

Today as we celebrate all things Australian This week we are celebrating Pat's positive forward movement with not one but TWO tracks appearing in the Triple J Unearthed Dance Charts, and an article about him in the Canberra Times newspaper.  That's huge kudos for a young man following his dream.

I would love it if you had a listen to his music (look for the two Bedrock Beats tracks - Apollo 11 and Dr Beats) and would also love for you to have a read of the Canberra Times article.  It's very inspiring to see someone so focused and intent on their vision, and receiving success as a result.

Keep aiming for that moon Pat ... coz you're already among the stars!

Happy Australia Day everyone!

We're off to a pool party ...


  1. Woot woot! I won. Yay! Thanks so much, I'm so excited because I never win anything. Now I can say I do! :-)

    You've made my day.

  2. Now you do!! Have a great day Lisa. Email me with your postal details.

  3. Happy Australia Day!

    Congrats to Pat. With a budding muso in our house too, it's exciting and wonderful to see their hard work & passion recognized. Have a weird feeling I may once have been besties (aka drinking buddies) with one of your new but distant in-laws!


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