Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 843

While I was driving around rural NSW this week I was listening to ABC Radio.  Not something I normally do because I usually listen to pop music to give me energy or I like silence to give me time to think.  But on a long trip with the kids watching a movie in the back I decided to listen to something informative, so the ABC it was.

During that trip I learned:

  • all about brown snakes, their character, mannerisms and behaviour, and what to do if you come across one; 
  • the fragile X gene (fragile X syndrome) and its relevance to autism; 
  • the Icelandic homogeneity database giving genetic information and family linkages on all citizens since the 1800s (apparently) to try and stop their very small population from "accidental" incense and in-breeding; 
  • internet security and the new trend of young people giving each other their passwords and log-on details to prove their love and trust for each other (and the problems they encounter when they then break up)  
I was very disappointed when the ABC dumped all the intellect and gave me the cricket commentary instead.  I turned it off and went back to silence.... cricket(s) in a different form. 

I have to say, that after that huge intelligence injection I now feel like a University Professor and am an absolute expert at everything!  Well, not quite, but at least I had some good topics for dinner conversation ...


  1. Haha. Funny. I, too, feel smarter just reading that. The problem I will encounter next time I go to expel these wise words over dinner is memory. I retain nothing anymore. Nada. I think my brain is now full and not allowing new info to remain.


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