Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 848

We still have a few days left of our Christmas/Summer holiday period.  It seems us Canberra-ites are special and we get an extra week.

So I am trying to find a balance between giving the kids a few last minute fun things to do, while settling them back into a calming routine ready for next week.  While maintaining my own sanity in the process...

As you know we went to Jamberoo water park yesterday which was heaps of fun.  It was a very long day though with about five and a half hours of travel involved and the sheer exhaustion of walking around the park and climbing all their hills.  We came home fulfilled but buggered.

Today I had planned to take the kids to see the Muppets.  Daddy was going to try and come too.  A family movie date.

The problem is that in amongst all of this I am trying to get my business stuff done.  I have a list as tall as my husband in relation to my new product line, plus I have clients (as well as new ones) to look after, I have to finalise coordination arrangements for the school cheer squad which includes a meeting with the new school principal, and I have to start my role as Canberra Liaison for Tahlia's new team.  All of these roles have actions with deadlines of next week.  Oh, and did I tell you I am going to Melbourne at the end of next week?  Yes well ... that too.  Oh, plus Darby has an assessment today for his reading challenges and I am due to pick up Tahlia's book pack ready for her to start high school next week. And it turns out the school uniforms I bought her are too short ... or she is just way to tall ... so I have to let the hems down on those before Monday as well (school rule).

So as you can see I am starting to feel a bit stretched. All this wonderful holidaying must end.  It's time for FOCUS (my word of the year) and action, action, action.

I'm sorry kids, but the Muppets will have to wait until tomorrow.  Today you can lie around the house, put your feet up and feed each other grapes.  While Mummy's head spins off her shoulders and  she has a minor melt down ....

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