Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 849

Something you didn't know about me:  

I have to make all the beds first thing in the morning, and absolutely cannot leave the house with an unmade bed no matter how late I am running.

In fact, if I lived alone I would probably make my bed the moment I crawled out of it.

I even make the bed in hotel rooms.

If I am in a holiday group house situation I may even go around and make everyone else's beds.

Sometimes Husband wants to sleep in, but when he gets up to use the toilet he comes back to a freshly made bed. Yes, it drives him insane.

Unmade beds drive me insane.

Get out of bed quickly or I may just make you in it!

Coming home to an unmade bed feels like I am taking ten steps backwards in life and having to start the day again.  I cannot cope with the "crumpled zone" (which is ironic given I am the one who hates to iron).

What about you?  

Is there anything you simply have to do before you walk out the front door?  


  1. I'm a bed-maker too... although I draw the line at my own bed. Don't make anyone elses.

    I have to walk around and check the windows are shut before I leave the house. There have been times when I have left home, but turned around and gone back because I couldn't remember if I checked the windows. But I don't have OCD. ;-)

  2. I like to have the bed made, but not to these extremes. My OCD-esque-ness comes from volume controls. I cannot have the TV or stereo volume on a prime number. Visiting from FYBF.

  3. Hey Emily - I have the same volume control thing. Wrote about that exact thing a few days ago. WOW!

  4. I'm a bed maker too. My husband always does a half-hearted job of it and I have to go behind him and remake it.

  5. Yep I'm a bed maker, and on the very rare occurrence when I haent done it for one reason or a other, my second daughter will always comment on it, so I dare say she is going to be a bed maker too!


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