Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 851

Today I am grateful for painkillers.
Despite my pain yesterday I managed to get a few things done.  Including finalising arrangements with my printer and organising mock-ups of my first print run, and meeting with my new business banker and fixing up the money side of the business.

It was as I was walking out the door from the bank that I crumbled and fell in a screaming heap.

The pain in my head was vomitous.  I literally started to gag...

As I got in the car and realised I still had to drive across town to pick up Husband from his much anticipated but ill-fated Prime Minister's 11 cricket outing (the Australia versus Sri Lanka game was called off due to rain) I burst into tears.  The crying intensified when I realised I had forgotten to do our personal banking while at the bank which meant for a very lean weekend.  I rang Husband and bawled out my frustrations. He soothed me and said he would do the banking on the way home.  But that I still had to go pick  him up (and one other) coz he'd been drinking.

I summoned up all I could to calm my shaky demenour and concentrated on feeling well. With this power of the mind trick the pain abated slightly and I was able to drive.

By the time I'd collected the Man of the House, and we'd been via the bank, the grocery store and the chemist, I was a total mess.  At the end of it all I crawled into bed with my box of painkillers and that's where I stayed until 7.30 this morning.

Now I am pleased to say I am feeling fine!  Sure, my back, neck and shoulders are still throbbing (the story of my life at the moment) but my head is clear.

Today I am grateful for heavy duty painkillers and a husband who ensured my bedroom remained the fortress of solitude until I recovered.

Now it's time to put teabags on my eyelids, ice packs on my cheeks, and find a make up trick to make me look perky and alive, because I have a client in two hours and I look like I've been dragged by my feet face down through a field of boulders ....

Happy Saturday!

PS Share the love and gift of gratitude with Maxabella on this fabulous Saturday.  Find her at Maxabella Loves with her message for today being "smiles".


  1. I hear you sister !!!!sometimes I wonder how I can keep going with various ailments ,broken bits and pieces ,all that has to be done.Sometimes I don't even care that there are those worse off then me in those icky moments ( thats terrible Muriel) but I have learnt in life good bad or ugly " this too shall pass" and on we go. My personal mantra is "Suck it up Princess" thats what I tell myself and on I go. I am grateful for every new day and all that it brings:-)because its another day among the living. xo


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