Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 855

Giant in a Giant City Photograph - Giant in a Giant City Fine Art Print - Grazyna Nikodemiak-Prajs

This week I have been taking giant leaps forward (then racing back to take the requisite number of normal sized steps). 

I've been giving you a few snippets of news of late about launching my own product line.  The product line only entered my head 6 months ago, but it has actually been the culmination of three years work and is seeing all my hats (mum, business owner, author, cheer coach) merge into one big project.

Well, this week money is flying out the door and I am making gigantic leaps towards the launch with every passing day.  Or am I?

For a start it's kind of freaking me out that this money is actually flying out the door.  Hundreds of dollars a day at the moment. Yikes!  (2 minute noodles for dinner this month)

And for another thing, every time I make a giant leap I realise that I have to turn around and complete about thirty smaller steps first.  It's all very interesting.  I am learning a lot.

Without telling you exactly what it is (and spoiling the launch surprise) I can tell you that I have created a character aimed at primary aged children to assist them with their self worth, resilience, health and fitness.  This character is being introduced to the world via a series of children's novels (there will be 24 in total) and an interactive website.  The aim of the project is for children to absorb messages of encouragement and a healthy happy lifestyle through an exciting product range that feels like entertainment.  Once the first three books are out and the website is operational we move to merchandise (clothes, wrist bands, drink bottles, diary etc) which will contain inspirational messages to help kids get through their day.  That's just the beginning .  The reason the ACT Government have backed it is (a) because it is innovative and different in that it is not a program that teachers/parents teach but one that kids absorb themselves, and (2) they think it has potential to go national and perhaps even global.  Well, I don't know .. maybe ...  I've got to be honest with you ... that is my vision. Dora who?  And look out Wiggles!!

But seriously, that's what I am doing.  And it's great to feel that others in the know can see my vision.

Over the last two days I've been deep in the bowels of the IP Australia website registering my Trade Marks.  Now that's a brain-draining experience and one that sent me cross-eyed at one point.  I have also been talking to my printer, graphic designer, the ISBN and bar code people, and doing all things "publisher" given the books are being published under my business name.  Plus I've been talking to the bank, the website designer, self publishing experts and clothing suppliers.  Oh, and I've also been conjuring up some "supporters" to ensure strategic alliances are in place and ready for launch day.  Yes, it's been a busy few days.

Now let's go back to this publishing thing.  Yesterday I thought I would put aside half an hour to put the title page together, and write the "information page" for book one. You know that page that has the publishing details, copyright, ISBN etc etc.  I got out my notes and started to type.  A 30 minute exercise turned into a two hour journey when I realised that I needed to have a physical address for my "publishing house".  So off I went to get myself a PO Box.  Their computers weren't working so after forty minutes of stuffing around, then racing off to collect Darby from school, I returned to finalise the transaction.  Then I came home to finish off the info page and start on the title page.  Should be easy but I have to do it in the same font that the graphic designer has used for the cover ... and it's a designer font ... my new signature font for this character ... a special one that is fancy and cute ... so I had to go to my design guru to send it to me.  Turns out the font I have chosen has a cost involved of $150 for three years unlimited use.  That's not a lot of money to buy a font. But I can only use it for three years?  What happens then?  When I am "global" (I'm right on your tail Hi 5) and my character is out there for the world to see with her name plastered on everything, will this mystery font creator charge me a million dollars to renew? Will I ever actually own it?  This is clearly not going to work.  Shit.  Just as I am about to go to print it looks like I am going to have to start again with the whole design of my "signature".  Luckily I hadn't applied to trade mark that bit yet.  That was my "money flying out the door" venture for next week.

So this morning I have an emergency meeting with my graphic designer to get this little wrinkle ironed out.

And we will iron it out.  

It's all very challenging .... a little bit frustrating fascinating ... but mostly fun if the truth be known.  

So there you have it.  A tiny little insight into the life of Deep Fried Fruit at the moment.  Getting more and more fried with every passing day.

Giant leaps forwards then back tracking to include all the necessary steps.  

What giant leaps are scheduled for your day?


  1. Sounds very exciting. I can't wait til launch to find out what it's all about. Keep up the inspiring work.

  2. Sounds MASSIVE. My days are rather boring in comparison and the only thing I'm leaping is uni assignments

  3. Uni assignments are a good leap :)

    Launch date getting closer and closer :) :) :)

  4. Sounds absolutely brilliant! You are a massive inspiration my friend and I cannot wait to watch your newest venture evolve and launch, just as through your blog I watched you become a publisher. You rock! :)


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