Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 856

Tip: If you want be successful in business, surround yourself with successful business people.

Today I am in Melbourne. I am meeting Derek who is here on business. Lovely husband booked me on business class for the journey. The ticket wasn't part of this whole money-flying-out-the-door journey we are currently on, but an exercise in frequent flier accumulation. It was a lovely flight and very comfortable. The smoked salmon was divine. When we landed it occurred to me (too late) that for someone about to launch a global brand, I should probably have struck up a conversation with fellow business people. A bit of networking may have been beneficial. But I was too engrossed in my trashy mag and the SAG fashions to think of that mid flight.


Creating new liaisons may also have prevented me from having to catch this rickity old bus into the city.I could be sharing a cab with some wealthy angel investor right now.

Oh well. Live and learn.

Next time!

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