Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 857

If you were a TV show, which show would you be?

I would like to say I am the next big story on How They Got Rich, but I think I'm a little more suburban than that.

There are quite a few TV shows I am loving right now and they all have something in common:
(a) They're funny
(b) They're short
(c) There's a little piece of me in every one of them (which is sad in so many ways ....)

Modern Family (Claire Dunphy/Leanne Shea Langdown - twins separated at birth? And yes Derek, that means you're Phil)

The Middle (Oh poor sweet Frankie .... I feel your pain)

Suburgatory (young lady, you are beautiful and powerful and don't ever change)

Up All Night (oh that juggling act .... good luck guys)

And re-runs of Kath and Kim (I have one word to say to you Kimmy  ..... de ja vu. It's all far too close for comfort)

If you were a TV show, which show would you be?


  1. Rosanne, all the way!

  2. LOL. Then you'd definitely appreciate The Middle then coz it's very Rosanne-esque ....(the low fat version)

  3. Ooooh, I haven't heard of "Up all night" but I love all those actors, and it sounds like something many of us can relate to!
    That's an interesting question....I don't think my life would be like any tv show, if it was it would be axed straight away because it would be too boring! If I could wish it to be like one though I'd probably say Friends
    Visiting via FYBF


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