Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 858

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and reflect .... 

Who am I kidding? 

I'm really just grateful for company-paid five star accommodation and frequent flier points.

As you know Husband and I are in Melbourne. The primary purpose of the trip was for him to attend a conference on Thursday and Friday.  The secondary purpose was to extend our stay for some time alone together to unwind.  As a bonus I got to spend his conferencing hours wandering the banks of the Yarra smelling proverbial roses and getting in tune with my inner explorer.

I flew here using his frequent flier miles.  I got to stay in a posh hotel using his position in the company.  I was able to spend two days as a free spirit due to his entrapment in the death-by-powerpoint zone. Yep, there's a whole lot of gratitude right there.  Thanks Husband.

Let's get back to the being grateful for five star accommodation ....

The conference was at the Crown complex so we were staying at the Crown Metropol. Fabulous hotel. (It would wanna be for $320 a night.) My favourite parts included the open bathrooms (at first it felt odd but the concept grew on me .... especially after I discovered the sliding wall system that could actually close it off) , the free selection of magazines in your room, the sensational breakfast buffet, the king sized bed and HEAVENLY pillows, and the infinity pool with copious amounts of sun lounges and day beds.

My only complaints were that the pool was indoors which rendered the sun beds useless (for this little sun baking chick), and that we had to check out when the conference was over coz we personally weren't prepared to pay that much per night for a bed.

But if ever you get the opportunity to check it out GO FOR IT!!  It's bloody lovely!

Right now I type this from a hotel down the street that isn't quite so fancy (more about that tomorrow) but here are some photos that I took so you can share some of the deep fried splendor.

Crown Metropol Foyer

  • View from our room at Crown Metropol

Our bed with the open bathroom behind it

From the bathroom angle

Just me taking a self portrait - small as flash was turned off

Complementary magazines in the room (yes, I took them with me when I left)

The infinity pool with plunge pool next to it - on the 27th floor

The not so sunny sun beds

A very comfy day bed

My breakfast!

Mr Hive Restaurant - my breakfast buffet

So that's my gratefuls for this week.  A little materialistic I know, but what can I do?  It was free!!

For more attitude of gratitude head on over to Maxabella - the queen of all things thankful ....


  1. Waaah!

    I can't think of anything else to say. I know I should tell you how thrilled I am that you are experiencing this level of luxury and comfort and TIME TO YOURSELVES, but... I just can't. I am too jealous.

    Maybe next week I will be a better person!?


    PS - I'm thrilled for you, I promise. You deserve this. x

  2. LOL. That's ok Maxabella. That happens. Your time is probably just around the corner ...

  3. I would be so very grateful for a trip to Melbourne in luxury accommodation too! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope you get the chance to do it again...sounds wonderful...

  4. That's a really lux hotel .. we didn't stay in such a classy hotel during our recent trip to Taiwan.. miss having the chance to hang out at the poolside.

  5. I'm shallow like this too. Just love me a bit of five star service.

    You deserve it. Oh hell, we ALL do.

    Glad you're grateful and not taking it for granted!


  6. Oh, it looks divine! I do have to admit to a touch (ok a whole stinking heap) of jealousy. With the professions the Mr and I work in no-one is ever going to pay for 5 star luxury (I had to pay for the one and only work trip I've ever been on!).

    It looks lovely - hope you have had a lovely break in Melbourne! Those daybeds look comfy!


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