Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 859

Do you ever book your accommodation through Wotif?

Has anyone ever tried the "wot a deal" mystery hotel option?

If you go to Wotif on the internet, there is an option when you are viewing accommodation lists to choose a mystery deal.  Once you key in your search (we put in Southbank Melbourne) you see a whole range of available hotels along with their prices.  Prices vary from night to night and we were looking at anywhere from $200 a night upwards.  Right at the top of those lists is a section called "Wot Hotel? Mystery deal". The cost was only $154 a night.

Now I know this is pretty scary, because once you've paid you're in.  There is no turning back.  It is only on payment that you then find out where it is you are staying.  You do find out a few facts about the hotel first. By hovering over the price with the mouse it gives you a short description. But for the most part it is a pot luck type situation.

I would never have done this without someone paving the way before me of course.  Derek's brother has used this option many times (including overseas) and they have never been disappointed.  Well now I can safely say that we weren't disappointed either ....

After moving out of the fabulous Metropol we headed down the street a bit to the Mantra Southbank and paid only $308 for two nights.  We had a one bedroom apartment with lounge room, little dining area, full kitchen, laundry, bathroom and queen size bed.  The hotel also had a lap pool and spa, plus a full restaurant, and the best part was it was right at Southbank.  Not even a five minute walk to Southgate shopping and eating area right there on the Yarra, and next door to the Melbourne Arts Centre.  Perfect location.

Has anyone else ever used the Wot Hotel? mystery option

What experiences have you had?

Here are a few photos of the Mantra.

The Mantra Southbank

Very Roomy (and with a sofabed to boot!)

View from the Mantra pool deck

View from pool deck - different angle

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