Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 860

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Happy Monday!!  Can I hear you say "woot woot"?!!!

Before I launch into the topic of this post - which I am loosely calling "the answers are right in front of you"post - you need to know three things:

  1. My wonderfully spirited and energetic parents left for another volunteer mission yesterday. They are on their way back to Manus Island where they will finish off the water system they started to put in for a remote island community last year. They left from Canberra airport yesterday morning and we may well of crossed them in the sky as we flew in from Melbourne.
  2. Because of number (1) Binny (the canine  Brokeback Mountain gay cowboy) is visiting us for a few weeks which is making Max (the hip gyrating Lab) smile.  Not only are lovers back together, but Binny it seems is working as Max's seeing eye dog which is quite magical in itself.  This point has nothing to do with my "the answers are right in front of you" post (or is it?), but thought it worthy of a mention.
  3. Derek's car is currently getting some repairs on the bodywork and is out of commission for a few days.  We both have very busy weeks from a business perspective and both of us need a car which is making things challenging.  We have spent a lot of time cross checking diaries to make this whole one car thing work.  Juggling the kids and their activities is proving tricky.

The answers are right in front of you ....

Yesterday when we got home from Melbourne Derek drove off to pick up the kids from their cousins house.  I unpacked and did the washing, got the lunches ready, and then got ready for an afternoon/evening of Cheer.  When he returned with the car I was then able to gather a couple of cheerleaders together and head off to fulfill my duties as Canberra Liaison for this amazingly fantastic national cheer squad.  

Now young Darby is also participating in this squad - not because he wants to become a cheerleader (although I would totally love it if he did) - but because he wants to learn to do backflips, front handsprings and other fabulous aerials.  (Every up-and-coming sports professional needs to learn how to celebrate scoring a goal or try in true circus style.)  While Tahlia and I spend four hours at cheer, Darby only spends one hour, so Derek was to bring him later.

Of course half an hour before Darbs was due to arrive I get a phone call once Derek realised he didn't have a car.  Laugh out loud ... and ... bugger.  So I raced across town to collect Darby  and bring him across to cheer (a half hour round trip).  

This morning it was our turn to do car pool for high school.  So Derek took Tahlia and picked up two others for that school run (a 45 minute round trip) and then returned home so that we could get Darby to school.  Normally this car pooling would take place on his way to work as the school is only a few blocks away, but given Darby had to get to school, and he starts half an hour after Tahlia, this is the way it had to be done. While he did a few things at home I did Darby's school run (a 20 minute round trip) and returned to give him the car so I could work from home this morning. We decided that after lunch we would swap so I could go to my client session and Darby's tutoring, while Derek worked from home.   


Are you following?

You can imagine my absolute ROFL attack when I drove into the driveway to notice the answer to all our challenges was right in front of us.  

Right there.

All we had to do was open our eyes ....

Sitting under the tree outside our house was Mum and Dad's car which had been there the whole time with the keys sitting on our kitchen bench ready to use.

Got some challenges this week?

It's possible the answers are right in front of you ....


  1. LOL!...was thinking about mum and dads car!....wondering, why didn't they use their car?, but, you got it all done anyways..


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