Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 861

Yesterday I was in a car accident.

So glad it was in our car and not Mum and Dad's (refer yesterday's post).

It was a case of vehicular buggery on the way home from collecting Darby from school. A right royal rogering. Right up the ol' clacker.


You might recall a post I wrote a few months ago about my lack of decorum when I'm attacked by other vehicles.  The few accidents I have had (none were my fault) have turned me into a screaming banshee complete with potty mouth and windmill arms.

Yesterday I was calm.  Well  ... "ish" ....  The first word to spring to mind was of course "F*&^"  But I don't think I said that out loud.

After I pulled the car off the road I realised that I wasn't the only victim. The person behind me had taken it from both ends with a third car also involved.  The meat in the sandwich was pretty badly beaten up. It turns out Car 3 had failed to notice we were all in a 100 metre long line waiting for the cars in front to move through the green light and had ploughed into car 2 pushing them into me.

I didn't need to be screaming like a banshee. The driver of car 2 was doing that.

So I took on the role of calming everyone down, making sure no one was hurt and getting all the details sorted.

During all this Darby just watched with interest.

Once we were back on the road (I started to get a little teary and started shaking from the shock) I asked Darby if he was ok. We talked about what a big bang it was and how it sounded and felt.  He said it was ok and nowhere near as bad as when he got smashed on the Dodgem Cars. I agreed. It wasn't that bad.  And the good thing was he now had something to tell at news ...

Yep.  And I have something to blog about ...

A tad inconvenient though.  Now it's time to chase up other people's insurance agencies, log reports and organise to get my back end repaired.

No people were hurt in the making of this story, however a few cars are now in need of some TLC.  I have to say it didn't do wonders for my already dodgy neck either ... but a couple of Nurofen fixed that up.  


  1. Glad to hear that you and Darbs are ok..

  2. Very happy t hear you are both okay. Pity about the car and your neck though. I hope the neurogenic is the only thing required for it.

  3. You sounded pretty calm under pressure Leanne. Glad to hear that you are ok, aside from the inconvenience of repairs for your car!

    P.S. The little package of shampoo/conditioner arrived safely. I feel like a winner! Thanks :-)

  4. Other than the fact that my boot now needs an extra "slam" to get it shut, and the fact that my reverse sensors are continually going BEEEEEEEEEEP on account of being smashed in, you wouldn't know we'd been in an accident.

    You're always a winner Lisa :) Glad it got to you safely.

  5. The little package of shampoo/conditioner arrived safely. I feel like a winner! Thanks :-)


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