Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 863

Chocolate to beat all chocolate ...

When I was wandering along the river in Mebourne the other day I happened upon the Lindt cafe at South Gate.  Lindt is my all time favourite chocolate (followed closely by Cadbury - I have simple tastes).  Given I was on a mission to do the things I wouldn't normally take the time out to do, I walked inside.

My initial thought had been to have my standard Chai Latte and just take in the beauty of the chocolate around me without actually sampling any.  Then I realised that was ridiculous.  I can have Chai any day, but how often can I have an iced chocolate made of pure chocolatey heaven?

Tip: Don't be thirsty when you order your iced chocolate.  Quench with water first and then savour the Lindt as you would a fine wine.  

I sculled my drink in about 10 seconds. I was thirsty and it hit the spot. About half way through I actually tasted it and my senses exploded! YUM!!!  It was the best iced chocolate I have ever had.  But the glass was empty. My entire body was screaming 'more more more' but my brain, the roll of fat hanging over my waistband and my empty wallet said "no". I was feeling thirstier than when I started just for the sheer craving of another hit. Luckily they gave me a spoon because there were wonderful chunky flakes of Lindt around the edges of the glass that I was able to savour.

The Lindt iced chocolate comes in milk or dark chocolate and costs $8 a serve.  I highly recommend it. But please, please, please drink it slowly.

Deep Fried Photo - Lindt Cafe Southbank

Deep Fried Photo - Lindt Cafe Southbank

Deep Fried Photo - Lindt Cafe Southbank

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