Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 864

A moment suspended in time.  My pioneering experience ...

While wandering the streets of Melbourne on my own last weekend I decided to do the things that (a) my family wouldn't be interested in and (b) I wouldn't ordinarily take the time out to do.

My first port of call was the National Gallery Victoria at Federation Square.  It was a short walk from the Casino district, not far from South Gate and just across the road from Flinders Street Station.

I was very excited to find they were in the closing days of an Indigenous art exhibition.  I love Aboriginal painting and would love to do it myself, but I feel disrespectful given I'm not indigenous myself.  That didn't stop me from appreciating the talent, learning the stories behind each painting, and taking photos as inspiration for my own canvasses.

I was feeling so fulfilled from the Indigenous exhibition that I didn't feel the need to wander any further, then I reminded myself to "take the time to do the things I wouldn't normally take the time to do".  So I decided to smell the roses and continued to the second floor.

What I found was a beautiful Australian history in paint.  A combination of artworks by early Australian settlers depicting the land as it was 100, 150 and 200 years ago.  I was pretty excited when I found the original of Shearing The Rams. It's such an Australian icon.  I was very impressed.

But then I turned a corner and entered another room and did a double take with my stomach actually doing back flips ......

There was the original of The Pioneer.

I don't know when I first saw a copy of that paining but I know it was at some point in my teens and I loved it immediately  Everything about it spoke to me and awakened my appreciation for Australia and it's heritage. So to see it there in all it's glory had be in complete awe. So majestic.  So BIG! It was far taller than I and metres wide.  I couldn't bring myself to see any more. My outing was complete ...

Those few minutes will forever be a moment suspended in time.  My pioneering experience ...

I am so pleased I took the time to smell the roses.

The National Gallery Victoria is a beautiful spacious place to visit and so easy to get to. Entry is free and you are allowed to take photos (no flash please). 

Indigenous Art Exhibition - National Gallery Victoria
Shearing the Rams - National Gallery Victoria

The Pioneer - National Gallery Victoria 

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