Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 869

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The most amazing thing just happened.  I got on the scales and this number appeared that I haven't seen since before I was married!!! I couldn't believe my eyes.  So of course I gave the scale a bit of a shake and did it again.  Wow!! Are you kidding me?  But how?  Why?  Where?

So I ran and got Husband and said "are our scales broken?"

He didn't know, hasn't been game to go near them since Christmas.  That's where I was confused too.  I know that my clothes are tighter now than they were before Christmas.  Where has this 6kg weight loss come from?

Husband did the manly thing and went down to the bathroom and hopped on.  If the scales were weighing us thin, then he wanted to get his own weight at a discount.

Uh Oh. No discount.  Full price ... and then some. The scales showed that he was quite a bit larger than December. Damn. He then started cursing me for making him display the Christmas calories he had been trying to ignore.

I hopped back on.

Looks like the scales just needed a jiggle and that husband's enormously tall frame managed to work out the kinks.  The scales now showed that extra 6kg I thought I'd lost and added another one just to be safe.


Oh well, there was a moment ... a full two minutes ... where I was magically 15 years thinner ...

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  1. I hate it when that happens. can you just give it a shake, maybe it will go back to the 'light-weigh'. :-)


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