Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 871

This week has been fantastic.  I don't have a whole lot more to say, other than lots of progress has been made in business, home, and everything in between.

Did I say I don't have a lot more to say?  You know that's bullshit.  I've always got a lot more to say ....

The website for my new product line is being built, the temporary page is up, sketches of the merchandise have come in and they are awesome, the books are ready to go to print and trade marking is well in hand.  Launch date may be closer than I first thought. I have also signed on three new clients with another meeting next week to possibly make it four.  Which means I may actually start covering the costs of the product line.

Darby is doing well at tutoring and at school in general.  We can see improvements not only in school work but in mindset.  Tahlia can't get enough of high school and bounds out of bed every morning with energy and purpose.  Husband is facing challenges at work but handling them in his normal "it'll be right" attitude. There is harmony in the home.

Chelsea and Pat are also doing really well with huge movement for both of them.  Both their day jobs are going well, plus Pat's music career is really showing prospect due not only to his own talent, but also due to the talent and energy of his wife who is now managing his music career. It seems that in the process she may actually be managing another budding artist as well which was a bit of an "accident" but also very synchronous.  We are very proud.

In regards to cheerleading, things are going well with my old team almost running itself due to the wonderful new Principal Coach.  I am so happy (and grateful) about that.  My new cheer team is just plain easy and requires very little input from me.  I am loving just turning up and smiling at people and stepping in occasionally to do some mentoring.

I started back at personal training last week and feel fantastic! Since I started with my new coach I have had very little neck and shoulder pain, and therefore minimal headaches.  What a relief!  I am feeling quite powerful as a result.

I have also put in a claim for last week's car accident and so far there are no complications with the lady at fault being very easy to work with.

Oh, and remember that house we want to buy? Well, it's still for sale.  I have made contact with the real estate agent to follow up, but she isn't returning my contact.  The sale price for the house says "By Negotiation". There is no actual price on it.  It's just open for negotiation.  Apparently.  As you know we made an offer. They rejected it. But over four months later no one else is making any offers worth considering so I went to her and asked if they were willing to negotiate on a price? Nothing. No response. Crickets.  So I followed up again.   Nothing. No response. Crickets.  What does this mean? We've got the loan ready to go. We can do this.  We just need a big YES from the people at the other end ...

So anyway, that is where things are at in my world.  This week it has been a great place to be.

Right now I am off to assist at Darby's swimming carnival.  For the first time in years they are holding it at an outdoor pool and for the first time in over a month we may actually get some weather worthy of an outdoor pool experience.  Blue skies as far as the eye can see .... and 31 degrees! Yeah baby.

Is it possible this week may actually get even better?

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