Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 876

Happy leap year.  I hope all those having birthdays today get spoiled rotten for the once every four year celebration.

Speaking of leaps ... things are moving ahead in leaps and bounds. It's great. Except for when everything is leaping on the same day.  Clients, kids, husband, parents, product line, car repairs, cheerleading.  When they are all leaping up and down at once and I'm the only one to tend to them, it kinda sucks.  Actually ... it doesn't suck ... it's just kinda head-spinningly-confusing.

So ... I don't suppose anyone knows someone who would like to work as my personal assistant .... for the mere glory of being my personal assistant?  I would supply copious amounts of green tea, feed them fruit and nuts and let them use my spa.  Got no money to hand over, but I would smile a lot and tell them how fabulous and appreciated they are. I might even kiss their feet.

Preferably someone who can also clean a house ... coz my bloody cleaner is on holidays.  (Now that sucks.)

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