Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 878

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I have to apologise if I'm not overly entertaining right now here in blogoland.  

I also have to apologise if I'm not cruising around as much as I used to.

I just don't seem to have the time to invest in my blogging anymore.

But I continue to blog anyway.


I blog because I love to write.  

And I write because I have so much going on in my brain that I need to empty some of it.  

And I have so much going on in my brain because I am a thinker.  

And I am a thinker because I was born this way.  

And I was born this way because I have two exceptional parents who made me. 

And I have two exceptional parents because they fell in love and got married.  

And they fell in love and got married because they just happened to meet each other when working for Telecom back when it was part of the Post Master Generals office.  

And they worked for the PMG coz Dad was a telephone technician and Mum was a switchboard operator.  

And they had those jobs because for whatever reason they are the jobs they had.

And that's all I've got to say about that.  Other than it's an example of what goes on inside my brain.

But back to the fact that I am apologising for not putting a lot of thought into my writing right now.

I am up to my eye balls in other stuff which will all become clear once I've launched it.  I do think about blogging still ... I get bursts of inspiration and great bloggy ideas ... but if I don't write it down immediately it gets lost in the jumble of actions inside my mind.  So unlike my pinboard of yesterday which I am using for the launch ... (and which Cathy said is way too small .... yes ... I agree ... it seemed big when I bought it ....) I don't have a bloggy pinboard. Which means the stuff I would normally write about isn't getting written about and and instead you're getting this garbage.

So back to the point of this post ...

I have to apologise if I'm not overly entertaining right now here in blogoland. 

Please bear with me ...


  1. Am bearing with you. And counting down days.

  2. Tee hee. Sounds like what goes on in my head too.

  3. office works have big whiteboards for $99 that might help

  4. You made me smile :) My mum was a switchboard operator too when she met my Dad, who also worked for telecom!

  5. Thanks for bearing with my ladies, and for smiling and offering me bigger whiteboard options!

    And another Telecom marriage! Wooo hooooo.

  6. My Dad was a technician for the PMG too! Met my mother during this time & 48 years married this year. Dad moved to Telecom, but then to Foreign Affairs where being a tecky took him & us, all over the world. What a small world indeed. Your parents are pretty awesome!

    You are doing a fab job being successful. I think most of us are just pleased you still write for us, considering it would probably make your life a little easier if you didn't. Good luck with everything. Aldi had huge 900cm x 600cm cork boards for $3.99 last week. I bought one to try and use as a vision board.

  7. And yet another Telecom marriage. Wow!! Fancy that Boomerang Jane .... Why didn't we know this before?


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