Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 879

Today I am grateful for lovely gift wrapped packages.

You know I am not a cook. You also know I am not a foody.  So there would be no reason for me to own an apron.

But as part of my new product line and associated children's website, I need to create fabulously healthy and "entertaining" food for kids so I thought I should get myself in the zone by getting myself an apron. Just to play the part of a chef at least.

So I was cruising Facebook and came across a post by Sew Thea (aka Do I Really Wanna Blog) which advertised her beautifully handmade aprons. And I bought one!

It arrived yesterday. And I have to say - LOVE IT!!

Deep Fried Fruit in a Sew Thea creation

Not only is it so very pretty, but it came perfectly folded and gift wrapped in an organza bag with a lovely Sew Thea business card.  When I opened the post pack I thought it was Christmas.

Now, when I get my product line ready for sale, it has always been foremost in my mind that products will be delivered in gift wrap of some description.  Simply because I love receiving "gifts" so I want everyone to feel like they are getting a "gift" when they buy something from me.

Just like Thea did.

Receiving her package just proved to me that I am on the right track ... and made me feel super special.

Three cheers for lovely gift wrapped packages.

You wanna check out Thea's stuff? Go to and track her down.

If you want more things to be grateful about head on over to Maxabella.


  1. Love it! And I love a good apron will have to check out.

  2. Hola!!! Dropping by from Maxabela's place!!! you look great!! honestly the apron is so funky that even cheer leaders could wear it;):D

    I love gift wrappers too...some are so beautifully designed that I dont feel like giving them away:P

    Happy Weekend!
    Yarn of ~ Words

  3. oh its fab!
    I think I need one too

  4. Oh my Lord, you are the perfect model! It looks fabulous on you....YAY! Thank you so much for the promo on this post, I'm thrilled! Mwah!!

  5. I love Thea's aprons and you look gorgeous in it!

  6. You are so cute in that apron!

  7. Shucks. I feel like a super model - Betty Crocker style :)

  8. Gorgeous, and you look so cheery in it.

    PS commenting is not easy on this blog because of the dreaded captcha words to be typed... takes a few goes sometimes... aaarrghhhh

    Have you ever thought of CommentLuv, makes it easier etc etc

    Keep up good work with all your stuff, great to see you moving on well.

  9. Leanne, you look amazing! Cook? I can think of another use for a cute little apron like that, but I'll leave that to your husbie's imagination, no?! x

  10. Hi Seana! Great to see you. Yep, all good in my world. Yours? Will come for a visit.

    LOL Maxabella. Hmmmm. He hasn't suggested that yet, but no doubt he will at some point ...


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