Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 880

We have a pigeon hanging out with us at the moment. He arrived about four days ago with a broken leg and a puncture wound in his chest.  We found him on our front balcony so we left him some food and water.  He's still here.  I guess he is recovering and taking shelter from this continuous rain.

I rang the local pigeon racing association to see if they could track him, but the numbers we found on one of his leg bands don't match their numbering system. So for now we are just letting him hang out with us until he is ready to move on.

Funny how I am referring to the pigeon as "he" when we have just named it Princess Pei Pei (after Lucy Liu's character in Shanghai Noon). Too pretty to be a boy ... don't you agree?

An injured pigeon visiting Deep Fried Fruit

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