Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 881

Happy Monday! Finally some sunshine in Deep Fried Fruit land

Deep Fried Fruit view from the front balcony

Finally some sunshine!  We have a blue sky day in Canberra-ville after far too many days of torrential rain.

It is also a blue sky day for this little black duck as I finally emerge from the migraine-from-hell that had me bedridden yesterday.  A combination of lack of exercise and bad eating I think.

I started with my new personal trainer three weeks ago, after 9 months without disciplined exercise.  Sure, I ride my bike a bit and go for walks, but I hadn't been running, lunging, squatting, lifting weights, or generally working up a sweat.  Who am I kidding. I've hardly been riding my bike either if the truth be known.  And as you know I ended up living in constant neck, shoulder and back pain which then referred pain into my head.  I was using that pain as an excuse not to exercise.  I couldn't fathom adding fuel to the fire.

Well, in the last three weeks I have been feeling like an absolute spring chicken and I attribute that to the new exercise program.  I think I had been suffering from the old "use it or lose it" syndrome.  While I was doing stretches every day, my body was still seizing up and getting all tight because I wasn't doing enough to keep it loose and nimble.

Anyway, due to her commitments, my commitments and a whole ocean of rain we cancelled my session last week and by Friday my body was starting to freeze up and by Sunday I was bed ridden.  Today my body is screaming for exercise.  Fancy that ...

So on this gloriously sunny day I am going to go for a quick walk (before my first client) and then I might even lie on my freshly vacuumed rug and do some stretching mixed with a bit of "on line" exercise a la Women's Health Magazine.

The fact that I used the word "might" back there re the lying on the rug bit means for sure I won't do it.  The word "might" is an absolute cop-out.  WILL is where the action is.  So let me type that out again ...

I will go for a quick walk and I will do some butt and leg exercise a la Women's Health Magazine.

Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. So glad you're seeing some sunshine, and hooray for feeling so great! That is wonderful!


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