Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 882

Today my daughter has her first "moderation day". I have absolutely no idea what that means other than she has the day off.  There were no moderation days at primary school. It seems to be a Catholic high school phenomenon.  The public high schools are still running as usual today.

So what does one do on a "moderation day"?  I thought she would sit on the couch in her PJs and relax while I worked in the old "home office". I had no plan other than "business as usual".

Um, no.  She's dressed up and ready for action.

It seems that the year 7 kids like to head back to their primary school and say hi to the teachers and their younger school buddies on moderation day.

Ok. We can do that.

We both took Darby to school together and discovered a whole bunch of year 7 kids waiting at the front office to say their hellos and touch base with their old teachers. Hmmmm. Interesting.

After a quick catch up Tahlia and I then headed to the supermarket to get ingredients for her Food Tech assignment.  As far as I'm concerned, if you get a day off perhaps it's a good time to get that assignment done.  Not what she had in mind. She was thinking a trip to the mall to cruise the clothes stores was a much better idea.  That was definitely not in my list of actions for today, but ....

As you know I often give my kids their own "moderation day" of sorts.  I let each of them choose a day each term (when nothing overly important is happening at school) to stay home and hang with me.  We usually try to do something special together while the rest of the world is at work and school.  It's kind of like a rostered day off, or flex day. Something to look forward to so that they don't have to "chuck a sicky" when they need some down time.

So after a bit of last minute thought I've decided that since this is actually a moderation day, and Tahlia won't be getting an Langdown family RDO this term, that I should let her do something special on this day.

So right now I am powering things out here in preparation for a meeting, while she prepares for her food tech assignment in the kitchen.  After my meeting we'll get the assignment brewing and then afterwards I am going to pick up another mum and her child and we'll head to the mall for a "cuppa".  That way the girls can feel as though they have some freedom, while we are just a short sprint  away to keep an eye on things.

Yes, today is moderation day.  I still have no idea what that means other than it seems to mean a day off ...

I guess I can handle that.


  1. I think moderation day is when teachers compare marking techniques or something along those lines. My mum used to be a teacher so it sounds vaguely familiar to me...

  2. A few public schools have this day off too. Having had one in private & one in public it varies. Daughter has Moderation Day from public college today. But we'll be visiting anyway as she left her work uniform in her locker, doh! The teachers do get together to moderate, I guess ;-)


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