Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 884

I want to talk and talk and talk.

I have so much to say.

It's a world of excitement right now as everything is coming together.

I had an amazing meeting yesterday that produced a HUGE win.

I want to tell you every little exciting detail about my product line. But I can't.  We've got to wait until launch date. Which now looks like May sometime.


I was thinking I should be documenting it all on video for down the track. A kind of a reality TV show or documentary on how to create and implement your dreams.

But who has time for that?

Unless I hire myself a videographer.

Shall put that on my employee list ... right up there with PA.

My Mum has joined me today to be my personal assistant.  But she's not so much a PA right now as a member of the house-keeping crew. While I sit here wading through IP documents she is hot washing all of Darby's sheets, blankets and wool doona, and will then go and buy him new pillows and protectors, to get rid of the dust mites.  Turns out he is allergic to the little critters which is causing him grief.  YUK! Fancy having dust mites in the bed.  Revolting.

But once she has done that I have a list of PA jobs for her. And the good news is she is working for peppermint tea, lunch and cuddles from the kids.  Bargain.

Now ... who wants to be my videographer?   I could pay you in tea, nuts and smiles.


  1. If I were closer I'd jump to it in a second.

    Moot point seeing as I am not. Counting down days!!!

  2. Sounds exciting can't wait for the reveal. Unless you let slip in the meantime. I bet its on the tip of your tongue. Waiting. To. Get. Out ;)

  3. Yep ... it's on the tip of my tongue. I did let it slip a few weeks back but didn't give all the details...

    It's so exciting!


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