Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 886

How much of a qualification is in the actual knowledge you acquire, and how much of it is in the piece of paper or the "quality" of the certification at the other end?

I used to think it was all about the piece of paper and the feather in your cap.  The ability to write up on your resume that you have the formal training.

But what about on the job training, or self study?  Surely that means just as much.  I have two degrees, but I am thinking that my area of "expertise" comes more from the life experiences I have had and the copious amounts of self study that I do.  Does it? Or is it the formal training that adds credibility to my claims?

Sure, sure, sure ... you can't read a tonne of medical books and call yourself a doctor. Well, you can, but you'd get in a heap of shit.  But you could definitely read a bunch of history books and declare yourself knowledgeable on all things history. Couldn't you?

I am asking this question today because I have been wanting to do some formal training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which will cost me around $4000 and a few weeks of intense face to face training here in Australia. But this morning I found an on-line course run out of the USA where I get all the paperwork, eBooks and a big stack of audio training to download for around $150. And I will apparently become "certified".

So, what would the difference be between a $4000 course and a $150 course?  Is it just the validity or credibility of the certification? Or is the fact that I am reading, listening, absorbing, LEARNING enough?

What value do you place on self study?  On the job training? Formal qualifications?

Would you do an on-line course if it was significantly cheaper than the face-to-face version? 


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  2. Went to edit and lost the lot!

    Basically it is not the value we place on it, it is the value society places on the qualification.

    Sad but true.


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