Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 887

Gotta love Sunday.

Remember that Sunday all those months ago when I went for a casual bike ride only to come home with a gazillion dollar real estate option?

Well, during the week I made contact with the new real estate rep who is looking after that house we were wanting to buy.  It seems the original lady in charge has taken a walk to her competitors. No wonder she wasn't replying to my emails! I asked the new bloke if the owners (who listed the sale price as "by negotiation") were actually willing to sell the place "by negotiation". But no. They aren't willing to negotiate. Apparently it is a divorcing couple with one party wanting over $200,000 more for the place than we're willing to pay (tell her she's dreamin') and the other party too scared to take any price to her unless it's within $100,000 of what she is looking for.  Ok then. That means you're asking for over a million dollars. Well, we're not willing to spend a million bucks here guys so that counts us out.  I said goodbye ....

It seems our perfect house with huge work-from-home office, rumpus room, study nook, 3.5 bathrooms, family room, dining room. lounge room, entertaining area, deck with views of the lake, set on a reserve in among gum trees is no longer available to us (sniff).  As I sit up here trying to run a business from the end of my dining room table, the light at the end of my tunnel suddenly disappears.


Husband and I now have a decision to make.

As we sat at the public pool yesterday with the kids playing on a seemingly rare sunny Canberran day, Derek and I started looking in the real estate guide for some alternatives.  There are some reasonable options but all would require moving out of area, or forgoing quality of house for size and we're just not prepared to do either.  Our current home is lovely.  We don't really want to move. We just want more space!

So, yesterday we decided to build onto our existing home.

We are going to get the architects in to look at turning our back deck into an indoor/outdoor entertaining area to extend our living space, plus we are going to look at the options for putting in an office under the house where our storage currently is.  We have agreed to minimalise the shit we collect (Husband is organising trash and treasure stall for next few weeks), clear out under the house and see what viable options there are for turning it into a self sufficient office space (with small bathroom and kitchenette). Then when my business gets SO BIG that I am no longer able to fit into the basement, that would become a granny flat, teenager retreat or rumpus area, and we would buy a townhouse somewhere near our town centre that my business would rent from us while at the same time we start building our real estate portfolio.  If business goes sour, we can always then rent it out as a residential property.  Bases covered.

So that is where we are at on this fabulous Sunday.  The decision has been made and our mindsets match.  We're not going anywhere ... just digging deeper.


Happy Sunday everyone.

PS I like the look of this office. I could work in that space .... 

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  1. I think that is a wonderful idea...I love your house...but a little sad you are losing your deck...will you put new deck off of back of house somewhere?..

  2. LOL. Yep, we could build a new deck and cover it in, and then build another and cover it in ... the house of decks. I am sad about losing the deck too. Derek wanted to do this years ago but I wouldn't even consider it. Now I'm embracing it though. We may just cover 2/3 of current deck so that we can still have some outdoor space ...and it will be indoor/outdoor. We will still be in the fresh air .... hopefully it will all work out ok ... bring on the architects!


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