Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 888

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Day 888.  That's got to be worth celebrating.

Plus it's Monday, my second favourite day.  Another worthy celebration.

And it's a public holiday Monday here in Canberra-ville.  An even worthier celebration.

PLUS there are hot air balloons flying around the Canberra skies which is making for a fabulous and very celebratory view outside my lounge room window.

And the Langdowns are kind of celebrating today. On account of the public holiday, and to make up for the fact that we didn't go on our annual long weekend adventure, we're having a picnic by the river with the extended family this morning.  Derek's parents, my parents, Derek's brother and family, four medium sized kids and two big kids (with husband/wife) and ALL the dogs.  We're off to eat a chicken brunch by the Murrumbidgee River and play a bit of cricket and perhaps some soccer.  It will be a nice day.

Then later in the day Tahlia, Mum and I are joining a couple of Tahlia's friends for the Renaissance Exhibition at the National Art Gallery.  Look out  Botticelli here we come ....

So with all that wonderfulness, you'd think I'd be relaxing.

But I'm not.

I had a very rough night sleep.

As you know I am putting out a product range which is being introduced to the world via a series of children's novels.  Soon a new character will hit the globe and children everywhere will know her name. Well, that's my intention.

Yesterday my fantastic graphic designer forwarded to me a link to a very well known global TV show.  That TV show has two children's names in the title.  It had already been brought to my attention before.  I knew about this show and figured it was a bit coincidental but I didn't really think through the possible impacts. The TV show has the same first name as my main character AND the same first name as my character's best friend.  And the TV show has trademarked the name combination.


Now, in my mind I was thinking that my character and her best friend wouldn't actually ever be linked for marketing purposes. The best friend is just a low bit role.  But then I started thinking .... what if the best friend is popular. What if she starts to grow beyond my original intentions?  What if I start impinging on their trademark?

There is only one thing to do. I have to change her name.


It's like having to rename one of my kids! I already know this "person" and her name is firmly set in my psychie.

Yes, it kept me awake.

Luckily for me the printer was swamped last week and couldn't get to my print run for book (1).  It's not too late to change it.

That in itself is worthy of celebration on this very celebratory Day-888 -filled-with-balloons-public-holiday -Monday.

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  1. I hope the day was as lovely as predicted and renaming the BF isn't too difficult.


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