Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 889

Attention, attention. Can all good looking people please step away from the roadside.  I repeat. Could all good looking people PLEASE step away from the roadside.

I still haven't had my car repaired since I was rear ended a few weeks back.  I am waiting to hear from the car repairer to see when we can get in.  They are waiting to hear from my insurance people to get the all clear.  And THEY are waiting for the insurance company of the lady who caused the accident.  So we're all waiting.

While we're all waiting why don't we have a bit of a look see at the latest Allianz Insurance driver distraction survey.

"A survey done by Allianz car insurance has found that over half of male drivers confess that good-looking women steal their attention away from what is happening on the road while they are driving."

Now that's funny.  The survey found that 50.9% of men admitted to being distracted by good looking women while driving, compared to only 15.2% of women being distracted by good looking men.

Perhaps this is not a distracted driver survey at all, but is in fact the percentage of good looking women there actually are in the community versus the good looking men.  Or perhaps it's more about how many women actually walk compared to men.  Perhaps all the good looking men are behind the wheels of the good looking cars, and the good looking women are all so incredibly good looking because they are out their walking and toning up.  Whatever is going on it seems to be a fact that good looking people can distract 38% of the population on the roads.  Did you hear that good looking people?  You've got a lot to answer for!

Apparently (according to the survey) it doesn't matter if the men are married or not (the ring doesn't come into the equation at all) if they're gonna stare, they're gonna stare. As for the ladies though, once that ring is on their finger they're half as likely to be staring compared to their single gal pals.  Another interesting fact is that men that earn more money (and probably therefore have fancier cars) are more likely to stare compared to those who are low income earners.  That's right boys! You'd better be earning the big bucks if you're gonna bloody gawk like that (besides, you'll need it to pay for that accident you're distraction is about to cause).  And finally, the survey suggested that Victorian men are bigger pervs than their New South Wales cousins, as are Victorian women! A new state-of-origin competition perhaps?

Anyway, don't believe me, you be the judge.  I'll leave you to ponder this while I go and sort out my own accident issues.

PS: I am racking my brain to recall whether or not a good looking bloke was in the vicinity of my car crash the other week.  It was a lady driver who did the whole rear ending thing so perhaps some studly muffin was nearby? 

PPS This post is proudly sponsored by Allianz Insurance.  Ah ahhh ahhhhhhhhhh ..... Allianz.  Click on the picture for larger view

Infographic by: Allianz Australia Car Insurance


  1. Glad to see I'm in the minority. :-) I once drove into a curb -- bursting a front tire -- because I was following a truck load of gorgeous migrant workers.

    What could I do?! They weren't wearing shirts!!


  2. My partner blatently stares at women as we drive, often he scares himself when he sees the front of them and realise they are teenagers! Its hard to tell from the back of their long youthful tanned legs. Hmmmmm.

  3. LOL. Are you by any chance from Victoria?


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