Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 891

I think I might have a teenager living in my house.

She's looking like a teenager, and dressing like a teenager, and texting like a teenager, but she's only 12.  If she's already crossed into enemy territory then I'm feeling really ripped off.  I was supposed to have another year of lovely kid-nom with her!!

Suddenly there are boys on the scene.  Well, they're not physically standing in front of her because she goes to an all girls school. But they are on the other end of a heap of text messages.  They all attend the "brother" school.  They met her at a combined schools function last Friday night and suddenly her phone is going crazy.  There's at least four different ones "talking" to her.  I know because I checked.

Did I mention she's 12? Twelve.  T-W-E-L-V-E ! !

There are another two families experiencing the same phenomenon right now.  So we got together for a "discussion" and made some combined family decisions.  All of us have agreed to have the same rules in our homes when it comes to all multi-media devices.  That rule is that phones, iPods, iPads, computers are all to be switched off and handed in at the kitchen bench by 7.30pm every night (absolutely no devices in the bedroom after this time) and by 9.00pm on Friday's and Saturday's. Although that 9.00pm seems a little late ... I am thinking I might bring mine back to 8.30. Can you believe I have to do this already?

Did I mention she's 12? Twelve.  T-W-E-L-V-E ! !

Most days I am sending her back into her bedroom to redress because of some sort of wardrobe issue.  The rule is supposed to be no little tops with little bottoms. If you wear shorty shorts then wear a fuller top.  If you are wearing a little top then you need a fuller bottom.  You do not wear shorty shorts with a shorty top! Look in the mirror. How much skin is on display?  Go back and start again. Thank goodness for enormously long and unflattering school uniforms.  The shorty shorts routine is usually confined to the weekends.

Did I mention she's 12? Twelve.  T-W-E-L-V-E ! !

The thing is she just doesn't understand the impact she is having.  To her she is just dressing the way she has always dressed.  She puts clothes on, they look good, so she wears them.  We're at that cusp where she is growing up in body but her mind and general understanding of all that hasn't caught up yet.

I am living with a teenager without the actual teen on the end of her age.

I'm not ready.

I thought I had another year ...


  1. Hahaha, I can see your grey hairs sprouting as you type this. Ditto my April a few years back. But they're good girls, with good solid, loving parenting behind them, so she'll be a.ok.

    Had to giggle at the new found interest of the boys. Whenever April attended one of her brothers all-boy-school events, I'd notice a heap of friend requests popping up her way on Facebook! Luckily she's got a heck of a lot more confidence, self esteem & self-respect at her age than I ever did to take it all in her stride. No doubt just like Tahlia.

  2. They're wise words Boomerang Jane. Thanks for the reassurance!

  3. My daughter turned 13 last November, but the "teen-ness" crept up before that. It's a day by day thing. She can't understand why shorts are unacceptable attire (because half her bum is hanging out and it's SNOWING outside) or why phone calls are not permitted after dinner on school nights. And the sass and stomping! Oy.

    Best of luck to you, Leanne. We have some interesting years ahead of us!

  4. Thanks so much for that feedback Drafty. I feel like I am part of a team having read that .... instead of sailing solo ...


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