Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 892

Today I am grateful for hospitals, healthy children and king sized beds.


I forgot what it was like having a baby.

Last night I quickly remembered.

Let's just say I haven't had a lot of sleep ....


Yesterday friends of ours had a very important family wedding.  Mum was the chief bridesmaid and Dad as the MC.

They have four kids - Miss 12, Miss 5, Miss 3 and Mr 1.5.  I offered to take the younger three for the evening (after the reception dinner) so the others could enjoy the rest of the wedding.


Mr 1.5 has a heart condition.  He is well ... he's just in need of a bit of extra specialised attention. He takes heart medicine to keep things under control.

Yesterday as Dad drove the youngest three kids to the wedding reception after the ceremony and initial photos (Mum and Miss 12 were off getting extra photos done as part of the official bridal party) Miss 3 found and decided to drink a full bottle of heart medication.

Cue panic.

Apparently Dad made her vomit on the spot and then went racing to the nearest hospital.

Heart medication is good if you have a heart condition.  Heart medication is very bad if you don't (particularly if you are a tiny whip of a thing and you've downed a months worth in one sitting).


I got a phone call from Mum asking if I could pick up the other two littlies at the hospital instead of the wedding reception due to aforementioned poison alert.  Poor Mum had only received quick message from Dad by phone and because they didn't want to ruin her sisters wedding she had to stay at the photo session smiling as if nothing was wrong. Meanwhile her 3 year old is in accident and emergency.

So I hightailed it to the hospital and took Miss 5 and Mr 1.5 off Dad's hands so he could concentrate on Miss 3.


So I had a baby last night. A beautiful wiggly snoring baby.

Miss 5 slept in Tahlia's room and Mr 1.5 slept with me.  What a wriggler! I had to border our king sized bed with pillows to try and contain him while I slept one on sliver right at the edge of the bed.  Husband slept on the couch.  Talk about memories of the Darbster ... multiplied by a MILLION.  Every time he stirred he'd wiggle back across the bed to find me and then would stick his head under my chin.  Yes, there is a crick in my neck.  Then as sleep found him and dreams took over he'd flail and flap and do somersaults and back handsprings around the mattress, only to wake again and come searching for the safety of my neck.  Such a cuddle bunny.  So sweet.

Lots and lots of memories.


Meanwhile the wedding continued without their original MC while he spent the night in emergency.  Miss 3 was then transferred to another hospital that has a paediatric wing, for observation.  She's going to be fine.  Mum joined her there later in the evening and Dad went home to collapse.


I forgot what it was like having a baby.

I am particularly thankful today for the baby cuddles I got last night and that I have a king size bed in which to house a dreaming gymnast.  I am also thankful I can hand him back this morning. And of course we're all thankful that Miss 3 will be alright.

For more thanks head on over to the queen of gratitude -  Maxabella.


  1. That sounds like a massive day! Poor parents of Miss 3, she must have sent them into a heart-stopping panic! Glad to hear that she is ok.

    I totally get the 'thankful I can hand him back this morning' bit.
    For me these days, having little kids around is fun, in small doses, and I'm always glad they are not mine!

  2. That's a day to remember
    I am always grateful for the KS bed...we have a 7yo who still wriggles in most nights!

  3. How scary! Your Dad's quick reactions are certainly something to be grateful for! Glad that it all ended well.

  4. Wow what a day to end all days. Glad all is well and at peace now. And dang I have missed getting to read you cute notes, I am trying to be back lets see if I can carve time out now.

  5. Thank goodness Miss 3 is okay, but what a stressful time for her mum and dad. They are lucky to have friends like you to call on. x

  6. Oh, how scary. Thank God all is okay.

    Lucky they had you, and envious of baby snuggles.


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