Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 893

Yesterday was a busy day. Or was it?

After waking up with some extra kidlets (see yesterday's post) I then hightailed it to the mall to find anything I could with a Batman theme as a gift for a for a two year old having a Batman birthday party. I didn't quite get the result I was after with no Batman in sight so was less than satisfied with the gift. I didn't have time to dwell though as I then had to head to a client.

After the client I headed home to type up my client notes and have lunch, then get everyone Batmanned up for the aforementioned party.

We arrived at their house all kitted out in our gear.  All of us wearing grey/black and sporting Batman symbols.  Tahlia went all the way ... she dressed head to toe as Bat girl.  Our car had officially become the Bat Mobile.

We were ten minutes late which made it odd that no other cars were around the house. Hmmm. I obviously hadn't read the invitation properly. I wonder where the party was being held? Husband went to the front door to check it out while I started dialing the phone.  Were they at a nearby park? Were we supposed to be at the local footy club?

He turned and looked at me with a hairy eyeball glare.  It turns out he'd just disturbed the host Dad who was having his Saturday afternoon nap in his jocks on the lounge.

There was no party yesterday.  We were a day early.  The party's today.

I am seriously going to have to sack my diary manager.  It was in there as plain as day even written in PEN.

So there we stood in all our Batman glory while poor host Dad stood semi naked looking at us.  We got in the Bat Mobile and headed home.

Unfortunately we can't make the party today because Darby has a soccer carnival all day (Daddy is coach and I am team manager) and then Tahlia and I have got cheer all afternoon.

It was a short lived foray into all things  Batman.  Perhaps more Bridget Jones.


  1. Oh dear, sorry but I did have to laugh (and then cross my fingers because I can picture that happening to me!)

  2. It was definitely a LOL moment :) In fact, it may have been a ROFL


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