Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 897

I did it.

I finally did it.

I've talked about it over the years, and was even strongly urged by Diminishing Lucy about 18 months ago to try it.

And I finally did it.

Instead of running around the supermarket aisles in high heels between meetings, clients and product development, I have gone on line, ordered my groceries and had them delivered to my front door.

Thank you Woolworths.

I've gotta say, it feels kinda posh to have a truck arrive and your own delivery guy bringing in the haul.

The Deep Fried groceries have landed

Part of the Deep Fried grocery haul

The pros:

  • Ordering can be done from my desk with a cup of tea in my hand while I am still making phone calls, answering emails and doing Trademark applications
  • I can really have a good look at the products by category to make sure I don't forget anything (which I often do when I'm at the supermarket skipping aisles because I'm fighting with the trolley)
  • Instead of writing lists and losing them I can keep my Woolies page saved and go in and actually put the items in my shopping basket on a daily basis ready for the next shop
  • I don't have to worry about parking, smashing my trolley against the car or making small talk with the check out chick.
  • I don't get side tracked and come home with a heap of stuff I don't need.
  • I know how much my grocery bill is going to be before I get to the check out and can then remove a few of those Betty Crocker items if I've got over budget.
  • The fruit and vegetables that I ordered were perfectly chosen and very fresh.
  • Everything was delivered in plastic grocery bags which (although not very environmentally friendly) is actually a bit of a bonus when you live in the ACT where grocery bags are now banned.  When you are used to using them as bin liners and for storing wet pool clothes they become more valuable than gold.  
  • The frozen stuff was delivered in a zip up frozen food bag which I got FOR FREE.
  • Everything came in a big refrigerated truck which meant all the cold stuff stayed cold.
  • I didn't have to pay a delivery fee because my stash came in at over $250
  • I ordered all this on Monday arvo and it was all delivered on Tuesday morning.  
The cons:
  • I don't get to see ALL the specials (although many are displayed) and being a visual person I need to see the actual size of stuff on the shelf compared to it's neighbour.  Although the weights and measures are displayed I am not yet used to determining size that way. I'm used to actually seeing it. My delivery included the world's smallest box of cornflakes and a purse sized panty liner pack (when I was expecting the bulk buy of both).
  • I don't get to see and buy things that are out of my comfort zone when I am cruising around the aisles.  So I may not get to try new things this way.
  • It takes time to set up your account on line and to establish your favourites lists. It probably took me just as long to shop by computer as it would have to actually walk around the place.  BUT I was still "working" as I shopped and I expect it will get easier.
  • I will actually miss bumping into people and making small talk with the check-out chick.
  • I don't get side tracked and come home with a heap of stuff I don't need.  Where's the fun in that?!
  • When you order something like "light and tangy" potato chips, you might end up with "chicken" flavoured chips instead (how annoying).
  • I can't read the fine print on the labels of what I am buying to see what flavour enhancers and other chemical crap is inside.
  • The fruit and vegetables are ordered by weight rather than by number so I ended up with 12 bananas when I really only wanted 5, and three capsicums when I really only wanted one.
  • Everything was delivered in plastic grocery bags which is actually very bad (despite it also being a pro) and they will need to make changes to that system (once my cupboard is full of plastic again and satisfies my garbage lining needs).
  • Despite the home delivery I still had to lug it up the stairs and unpack it all. In hindsight, the man could have probably taken it upstairs for me if I'd asked but he reeked of BO and I didn't want the smell to linger.
  • Yep, the man had really bad body odor and I almost hurled ... plus it lingered in the entry way for ages afterwards.  But, he had obviously been working hard and it was nothing that my newly purchased can of Glen 20 couldn't fix.
  • You have to give them a three hour window for delivery.  It worked for me this week because I was busy working my butt of in the "home office". But if you were actually working outside the home then it would be almost impossible. 

All in all it was a pretty good experience and I might just do it again. Particularly while I am going crazy with all my to-do lists here.  

Thanks Lucy for recommending it! 


  1. This is one I ponder often. A lot of my friends up here buy online and find it great.

    I hear arguments over Woolies vs Coles all the time.

    But I must admit I enjoy the sensory experience of shopping and I think this is why I still dither over signing on.

  2. Yeah, it's taken me ages to try it. I finally did it this week out of desperation. We'll see how it goes .... I'll still be going to the local corner store for fresh milk, bread and fruit and veg each week, but it takes the pressure off my huge monthly shop. Mind you, I still have to do my Aldi shopping ...

  3. Yay! I am still totally converted - even now I am working - the evening window delivery time opens. It gets quicker and easier...

    But BO is bad...we have had similar issue. Hurl.


  4. I've done my shopping online a few times too, but the prices are higher than in my local stores & we have the delivery charge on top. But what price is our own time worth, I guess! Delivery driver left a BO smell behind too! Must be a pre-requisite for the job!


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