Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 899

Next week I am speaking at a conference.  No, no - not the Blogger Conference.  Although I am heading to Melbourne next Thursday to attend it which I am very excited about. I am speaking at a different one. I am speaking at a Public Sector EAs conference. My topic is on creating a success mindset.  It's all good.  I'm looking forward to it. I am on an expert panel which then leads into my presentation which is only half an hour long with 15 minute question time.  I'm the last speaker. My challenge will be keeping everyone awake after two days of "death by powerpoint".

It's all good.  And easy.

Well it was ...

Then yesterday I got a phone call.  A major presenter has pulled out of the conference.  So has their Chairperson.  The man at the other end of the phone is facing some major last minute challenges.  This is not a small conference. People have paid loads of money to attend.  Could I perhaps Chair the conference on Day (2)?

Sure, I say. But I have never Chaired a conference before.  I have chaired plenty of meetings and I have facilitated a few things, but never Chaired a conference.  But I'm ready to learn something new. I'm totally up to the challenge. I think.

Great, he says.  He'll give me all the notes I need.

What is the speaker topic of the keynote speaker you're now missing, I ask.  Building relationships, communication, the circle of influence etc, he says.  I know someone who can do that on his ear, I say.  So I set about getting him a last minute speaker to take a 90 minute time slot on Day (1).

It's all sorted.

Then I get another phone call ...

I don't suppose you could Chair Day (1) as well, he says?

I sigh and think of all the things I would need to move and all the stuff that needs to be done before I head to Melbourne next week. And all that concentrating I would need to do and the headache I will probably get before my own presentation. 

Sure, I say. I can Chair both days.  I can be your Chairperson.

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Sometimes I wish I wasn't quite so "enthusiastic" about opportunities that are thrown my way.  Now as I sit here reorganising next week's diary I wonder when I am going to find the time to actually write and finalise slides for my own presentation. I also wonder when I'm going to fit in all the other things I need to do over the next week to ensure I am fully relaxed at Blogger Con. Oh, and most important of all,  what the hell am I going to wear?

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