Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 901

Yesterday I popped across to the mall to buy Husband his birthday gifts.

I wandered past the most fabulous handbag and accessories store.  Of course I couldn't resist.

This was the display table at the door which lured me in

I went inside ....

Now, as I'm in there I am thinking of the upcoming Blogger Conference and the fact there is a "dinner and dance" on the Friday evening.  Apparently I should be wearing a frock and should probably shave my legs (according to a conversation I had on Facebook with Madmother).  I have decided to wear a multi-coloured dress with strong purple tones. I have matching purple shoes and flower for my hair, but no evening clutch.

Now I do.

That's the new Deep Fried clutch right there - the purple one

So when you see me at Blogger Con, please tell me how fabulous it looks.  That's if I ever actually unwrap it from it's beautiful protective pouch which is inside this lovely shopping bag.

The Colette Store is not only beautiful to stare at, but is also very reasonably priced.  My new purse only cost me $35 which meant I had plenty of money left to buy Husband his birthday prizes.  Bonus!


  1. Nice. I'm sure you will have a great time at the conference.

  2. Ohlala a new purse is a great accessory to have. Of course you could always buy some matching shoes. And jewellery :)


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