Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 903

Today is the day.  The first time I've ever Chaired a conference.

What does one do to prepare for Chairing a Conference?

Read the conference outline?

Study up on the speakers?

Prepare notes and questions to trigger discussion?

Write my welcome speech?

Nope. I did none of the above.  Instead I dashed out for a spray tan and to get my eyebrows done.  The important stuff.

Funny thing is I can't do the whole eyebrows dyed and body sprayed in the one day ... for some reason the tan and the dye have a reaction and they turn my eyebrows mustard yellow!! This mysteriously happens a few hours after the treatment (when I am home and a lengthy distance from the trusty professional). Mustard yellow eyebrows are good if you're going to a fancy dress party dressed as a bowl of curry, not so good when you are speaking to a crowd of glamorous women.

Emergency dash back to the beautician at 7pm last night for some eyebrow repairs.  Now I'm good to go.

Perhaps now that the important stuff is done I should write that welcome speech ...


  1. I know what I dont do - picture everyone naked - how could you keep a straight face with those thoughts?! I practice and drink coffee and then just get on with it and dont really relax until its nearly over. Hopefully that doesnt happen to you! I'm sure they will be too enthrawled by your perfectly arched brows anways :)

  2. I hope today is going well for you.

  3. LOL. No naked pictures. YIKES! Imagine? I would laugh!!
    All went well and my eyebrows looked splendiferous :)
    Exhausted now though. Off for a very early bed time ...


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