Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 906

I write this from the motel room I am sharing with Madmother in Melbourne.  We are staying at the Sebel Citigate at Albert Park in readiness for the Digital Parents Blogger Conference being held today.  I am pleased to announce a solid night sleep with no farting, snoring or sleep talking involved.  No weird noises from her side of the room and hopefully no weird noises from mine. I think I have kept the illusion of me being "glamorous" in tact. Perhaps?

So how did we finish up yesterday?

After taking Max Factor to the vet (he gets that name on account of the fact he is always showing us his "lipstick") I am pleased to announce that nothing overly sinister is going on with our beautiful blonde canine mate. It appears he has some sort of colitis which is easily fixed with a temporary change in diet and some antibiotics. We also need to take him off his anti-inflamatories for a while to see if perhaps that might be causing him some intestinal issues.

After the vet run I managed to get the cupcakes made for Derek's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUSBAND!!!! - and I also got a few work things done including talking to a client and clearing up some cheerleading stuff. The moment I got to the airport I went into relax mode.

Madmother and I hooked up at Melbourne airport no worries at all and spent the afternoon talking, eating and having a couple of drinks.  Then we headed off to meet with our fellow bloggers at a lovely reception put on by Crash Test Mummy and Alta Wines.  I was really worried that my deep fried brain wouldn't remember the names of the people I stalk on a regular basis so it was lucky that Crash Test Mummy had given us all lapel badges that had our website logos displayed prominently so I could recognise people by their blog alias' without having to also wrack my brain for knowledge of their birth name.

I met Caylie from Better Business Better Life who handed me a lovely little bag of chocolate and kiddie bling with her business card, as well as Kyla from Beyond the Bump who I chatted to for a while about her very difficult journey to motherhood and the life beyond that challenge.  I met a brand new bloggie pal, Melanie from Mummy Honey Melanie and Me who I could have chatted to FOREVER. She is a woman after my own heart with our conversation ranging from positive psychology versus emotional intelligence, to contributions, to kids, to exercise, to vocabulary, to her trying to talk me into entering the Oxfam 100km walk.  I didn't want to let go of her arm. I was hoping to take her home with me (in the good  "can I keep you in my life" kind of way, not the stalkerish "lock you up in my basement" type way). Of course I also met the lovely Brenda who created Digital Parents and I apologised to her profusely for being such a muppet in the lead up to the conference. I seriously didn't have my shit together and kept going back to her asking questions about my conference ticket.  I also met Glowless who I recognised immediately and am so pleased to have finally hugged PLUS the biggest win of the evening was finally meeting one of my very first ever bloggy pals Lucy from Diminishing Lucy.  Lucy and I go way back - I think she was my first non-family follower and perhaps I was hers.  You may recall a couple of years back I drove to Adelaide to go to the drive in because of a post she did on her wonderful Adelaidian experiences. The funny thing was I didn't recognise right away. She came up and started hugging me and I had no idea who this person was, then when I caught sight of her name tag I started screaming. It was so incredibly romantic.

So that's where things are up to in Melbourne which I will temporarily call blogger-ville.  I am very much looking forward to heading downstairs for breakfast to see who else I can bump into, so I'd better get off this iddy biddy computer and have a shower.

But before I go can I give a big shout out to my wonderfully supportive and incredibly good looking husband who is celebrating his birthday without me today.  I hope you have a lovely Friday husband and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on return.  Hope the kids spoil you rotten.

PS the danger with mentioning the people you meet is that it is highly likely you'll forget to mention someone. I already know there are a bunch of beautiful bloggers I met on the way to the function that I've left off my list.  Bugger. Will try and do better tomorrow. 


  1. You're amazing!!!! Shall be checking in on you to make sure you do the 100km Oxfam walk ;-)

  2. Hi Mel! Oxfam here I come ...
    SSG: am wishing you were here. I thought of you as I got dressed this morning and wondered if I could conjure up your spirit to make me look fabulous and stylish today. I feel I may have brought a little bit of your style with me :)

  3. Glad you're having fun and that Madmother is behaving.

    Enjoy the rest of the conference!

  4. SO SO good to finally see you in person my lovely! Xx

  5. Ditto Lucy.
    And yes ... MM was surprisingly well behaved.

  6. Hah - because I left my laptop at home you both thought you could get away with slandering my bad name. I did not behave.

    Well, okay, I did. But it is only because I was sober.

    Damn fatty liver.


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