Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 907

Deep Fried Fruit, Come on Dowwwwwwwn......

It's a safe bet that I'm going to blog about everything Blogger-ville coz I am at the Digital Parents Bloggers Conference.

There is so much I could write about.

I could go into great detail about finally meeting Mrs Woogs and her lovely bloggy pals, or I could talk some more about Madmother and I sharing a room, or I could spend more time on my real life cuddles with Lucy, or my disappointment in not getting to meet my beautiful bloggy Jen (who was confined to her bed at the other end of Melbourne with a migraine and vomiting of mammoth proportions).

I could talk about the fabulous speakers and topics that made up the program, or the depth and breadth of sponsors, or the enormous (and heavy) goody bag we received, or the dinner and dance last night which took on an impromptu karaoke twist (with the DJ looking a bit dejected as a mob of very enthusiastic and out of tune women stole his Mobby Disc consol). Or I could talk about the copious amounts of food and the resulting gut ache I received due to over indulgence. I could even talk about champagne, dancing and the photo booth in the corner.

But I am not going to talk about any of those things.

Instead I am going to be really selfish and talk about ME.


If you were at the conference then you already know, and you could be hating me right now as I may have stolen your prize. But for those who weren't at the conference then here it is.

Yesterday, at approximately 5.03pm .... a man stood up the microphone in Blogger-ville and announced that:

I won an all expenses paid trip to LA
as THE Australian blogger who is going to 
attend the exclusive opening of the
Cars 2 ride at Disneyland!!!!


I'm sorry guys ... but Disney is like the most magical and visionary and powerful kiddie fest on the planet and I get to go and drag my inner child along with me all because I blog.  Can you believe that?

What did I do when I won this honour?

Did I run up with my "the price is right" shoes on screaming and yelling in excitement?

Did I go all Rocky and raise my arms and punch the sky?

Did I find my inner Disney princess and walk elegantly to the podium waving with my lovely gloved hand smiling innocently and gratefully at the crowd?


I sat in shock and started shaking like a freaking whippet and then got my ugly silent cry going as my jaw hit the floor and the crowd got to see my middle aged chin start to fold into my neck.  

I. Could. Not. Move.  

I was bolted to my chair in complete disbelief.  

Holy shit.


I finally managed to extract myself from the seat and someone may have helped me walk to the front of the room where I hugged the MC and hugged Mr Disney but I remember very little else.   I do remember thinking "how the hell do I tell my family that this ticket is only for one person" and I also remember thinking "I was actually hoping to win the label maker" but most of all I remember thinking "holy shit, holy shit, holy shit ... I get to visit and write about a world of magic, belief and imagination."

So today I tell you my news. Then I go home and hug my husband and kids and help Mr DFF celebrate his birthday.

Then tomorrow I will post a couple of blogger conference photos and talk a bit about why you should attend next year's event. I may even bow a little to Brenda Gaddi for creating such an awesome event. 

And then I might just celebrate my Disney opportunity and dream about the world that dreams are made of ....  




    Have a lovely evening with your family too.

    May we meet soon.

    SSG xxx

  2. Ooh, how exciting.

    Have fun with your family. A belated Happy Birthday to Mr DFF, too.

  3. WELL DONE! SO SO pleased for you! xx

  4. wow, how exciting!! good luck breaking the news that it's just for you tho - i imagine that's going to be hard, take something to soften the blow lol!!


  5. Hey - you forgot to mention your thoughtful roomie who brought you the champagne to stop the shakes!!!

  6. Yes, yes, that champagne was my saving grace!! Good job MM. You make a great PA

  7. Congrats Leanne! You deserve it!

    And the Disney dude is Sean Harrigan. Head honcho of Disney Studios AU. We *love* him. Lots. hehe.

  8. Watching you walk to the stage was amazing - your face was priceless. Congratulations!

  9. So excited for you! What an opportunity.
    It was really great to chat to you on Friday night too. x


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