Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 910

Can I hear you say WOOT WOOT?

Come on ... louder .... I want to hear a really big WOOT WOOT!!!

Everybody ... altogether now ... WOOT WOOT!!!!

Today is my fantastically gorgeous generous adventurous fabulous Mum's birthday.  That's a hell of a lot of "ous" words right there, but what else can I say about Mum?  She's an "ous" type of gal ...

She was given a second chance at life almost 30 years ago and hasn't stopped living since.  She climbs mountains, treks through jungles, builds cyclone proof community centres for remote island villagers in the Solomon Islands. She volunteers to help transport the sick, she volunteers to help me, she volunteers to put in watering systems in Papua New Guinea. She's not afraid to break a nail, sweat, or pull a muscle as she shovels shit.  But she'll make damn sure she looks good as she does it. She'll never hire in a gardener, cleaner or painter preferring always to do it herself.  Yet she's stylish, glamorous and likes fashion and glitter in her life. She's not afraid of manual labour or hard work in general.  She's as strong as an ox but as pretty as picture.  She'll travel hours to see a great show, or to attend a lunch with family or to follow us if we decide to go somewhere else for Christmas.  She's not one to sit in her comfort zone. Nothing is ever too hard or nowhere is ever too far for my mum.  She's motivational, inspiring and down right AMAZING.  And she gives great Nanny cuddles - the kids adore her.

So I think that deserves a bloody loud Woot Woot.  Don't you?


Happy birthday Mum.


  1. She sounds tops. I'm envious. (It's a very different story over here...sadly.)

  2. Not sure if you can hear this or not but WOOOOOT-WOOOOOTTTT!!!!!..Mum/Nanny/Brenda is absoulutely everything that you have said, and more!...she has been my mom...my kids nanny and a friend to us all....she makes me special whenever I see her (which has been wayyyyy too long)...and my kids adore her. She deserves all that she gets!...Happy Birthday!! Love you!!!

  3. Woot Woot DFF's Mum!

    Happy, Happy Day.

    Question though... if you are DFF, is your mum DDFF?

    Deeper Deep Fried Fruit?

  4. Your mum sounds awesome! A bit like mine... We're so lucky to have such great mums.

    Happy Birthday Leanne's mum!

  5. I love it when women are a kick ass inspiration! Happy Birthday to her!


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