Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 911

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Strange things happen when you hit 40.  There are a whole swag of Deep Fried Fruitisms that can muddle a saggy brain.

We all know about the whole random sprouting hair thing - for me it is chest hair, chin hair, and the interesting "neck" growth that could only be described as a mane.  It seems stray hair is not just a female deep fried fruit phenomenon either. I found Mr DFF in front of the mirror with an electric shaver in his ear this morning ... he seemed to be hacking away at some rogue ear hairs ... weed whacker style.

The whole hair conundrum, while being a tad inconvenient, isn't the end of the world though.  There are wonderful inventions like tweezers, razors, Nair, wax, laser treatments and torturous epilady contraptions to keep the beards at bay.  There is even a yellow pages full of trusty professionals eager to de-fluff you at a moment's notice.  It's all very manageable.

The new Deep Fried Fruitism that I am concerned about is memory loss.  I feel that perhaps growing up with aluminium saucepans may have frazzled my brain and I may be experiencing early onset Alzheimer's.  Is there a test for that?

It could of course be just that I have brain overload on account of carrying around all those hats.  But as I get closer and closer to finding that one big replacement sombrero I am thinking perhaps it's not just a heavy head, but perhaps a neurologically challenged one.

I write lists and lovely messages (which I date) and days later I look at them with brand new eyes wondering who the whiz kid was that wrote such clever stuff and accomplished such amazing things.

I can watch a TV show or movie and a week later have no concept as to the ending nor the twist to the story.  Watching it again is like a brand new experience which makes me a very cheap date.

I can walk out the door with only ONE job to do and when I arrive at my destination have absolutely no idea what I am doing there, what day it is or who sent me.

Yesterday I was tasked with filling up the car at the Coles petrol station using the wonderful 20cents a litre discount voucher, only to realise as I was half way through filling the tank that I had instead ended up at Woolworths where the lovely voucher was completely useless. I then also discovered that my Woolies card had no points on it so I ended up paying full price for my fuel.  (Not to mention I also managed to break the clip on the little petrol "door" on the car which means I can no longer close it.)

At what point do I declare myself neurologically challenged and memory deficit?

Or do I perhaps just pack everything up, grab my sombrero and take a two week long siesta under a palm tree?

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