Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 913

Today is Good Friday - and indeed it is good.

We will eat fish today because that's what you do on Good Friday.

I'm not much into fish. I'll eat the occasional tin of tuna.  Perhaps I will order salmon at a restaurant from time to time.  I might even cook up some crumbed fish fillets (of the frozen variety) at home.  But it's not my preferred choice of food. I'm just not a mermaid!

But we all know fish is good for us .... brain food and all that ... special oils that could actually keep Deep Fried Fruitisms like Alzheimer's at bay.  So I should be cooking it ...

Who am I kidding.  I'm not going to be bloody cooking it.  In my mind I am this fabulous Mum who does clever things with fish (and likes it) but in reality I just don't love fish.  However today ... today is Good Friday .... so today there will be fish ... coz my lovely Mum is cooking it.

And for the rest of the time I will continue to take fishy tables of the Omega 3 variety and hope they might magically transform my Deep Fried brain into a wonderland of intelligence and magnificently original thoughts, PLUS I will be feeding my kids this bottle of Nature's Own Omega Delight which magically appeared in my Blogger Conference bag of goodies (we got the orange flavoured one). They're a clever mob those Nature's Own people.

Happy Good Friday peeps. Hope you get a good dose of fish oils today and perhaps also get to spend some quality time with family.  


  1. Mum just served us the most DIVINE salmon roulade (spelling) with tossed green salad and toasted hot-cross-buns for lunch. Yum! Indeed this Friday is good ...

  2. I had fish today and it's not even Friday here yet.

  3. Unknown Mami! So lovely to see you. You're clearly highly intelligent of the Omega 3 variety :)
    Have a great Easter.

  4. That Natures Own stuff - amazing! My three love it! (I got the Mango flavour).

    We have fishy Friday every Friday all year round...tuna mornay, grilled whiting, thai fishcakes, salmon patties, and repeat.

    I "splashed out" yesterday and we had kedgeree with smoked cod - the kids LOVED it...

  5. See ... you're the mum I imagine myself to be.


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