Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 914

I got my eyes checked during the week. After years and years of wearing lovely little rectangular glasses I thought it might be time for an upgrade. It's been six years since my last check up.

I got my first glasses when I was in year 12 at school. My first set were pale pink plastic and they were ENORMOUS on my face. Well, come on, it was the 80s.  From there I went all gold and very Dynasty looking before then getting my first set of tortoise shell frames with (again) as much gold as I could muster.

You've all seen the set I have now ... thankfully they are still in style (I think?) but I figured it might be time to make a change. Not so much because my eyes are deteriorating, but because my wardrobe is.

Deep Fried Fruit

So I went to the optometrist.  Unlike previous visits where I go to the optometrist attached to a glasses shop, this time I went to a true doctor of optometry.  He's the guy we see for Darby's dyslexia.

It turns out my eyes are the one part of me that isn't succumbing to the evils of Deep Fried Fruitism.  My eyes are in fact the most fabulously fit part of my body.  It turns out, that after all these years, I don't actually need to wear glasses at all! My eyes are great! (Are my eyes improving or did those other blokes just sell me little weak glasses to make some money off me?)

The doctor suggested that eyes will get tired ... and my lovely brown glasses can be used to give them a shot of adrenalin during times of fatigue ... but other than that, they might be best left in their case.


Well what do you know.

There is some bits of me that aren't the least bit middle aged.

But ....but ....but I like wearing glasses.  Not wearing them would severely dent my image as a clever, deep thinking, highly intelligent, author/blogger/consultant. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but for the sake of my inner Mrs Bucket (Keeping Up Appearances) I think I might keep them ... 


  1. Were you short sighted? I've been told that you get long sighted as you get older. My hope having been short sighted since I was 8 or so that one day I won't need glasses anymore.

    It's probably a pipe dream but hey it's my pipe dream!

  2. Long sighted. Very very long sighted. In more ways than just my sight! Sometimes I need a bit of a reminder to get back to the "here and now". LOL.


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