Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 915

Happy Easter everyone!!

How's it all going?  Have you had Easter egg hunts, hot cross buns and loads of chocolate yet?

We have done all that and more over the course of the last few days.  We started at the farm on Thursday night and spent Friday and Saturday with my folks, before heading to the coast yesterday arvo for the rest of the long weekend with Derek's folks.  It's been lovely and the weather has been sensational.

So, what's left for us? Well, I think there are probably bunnies and eggs and family togetherness and Ugg boots and flanny pyjamas and a walk to the beach in my immediate future.

How's your Easter Sunday shaping up?


  1. Wish I was tagging along on your Easter...sounds fun :). Our family get together is tomorrow so km surprising the kids with a trip to the zoo today for a picnic :). Can't wait :). Then the chocolate overload will continue tomorrow with my family :). They got chocolate today and I got to watch their excitement at finding it...pretty great trade off (and I also got some Choc ;) )

  2. That sounds lovely Jaak :) The Easter Bunny came to our place with a big egg, a medium one and a handful of littlies ... and the bunny left me some little ones too which was incredibly kind of him. Enjoy the zoo!

  3. Good Morning!...and Happy Easter!!...Our Easter Sunday looks like it will be a lovely, birds singing, blue sky kind of day. Will be heading down to Roger's house and than over to Aunt Carol's for some desserts later n the day. Enjoy your time at the coast..hugs and kisses to all. Especially Josh!

  4. LOL. Poor Josh. Everyone always chasing him ... Your Easter sounds lovely! Love to all ...


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