Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 916

Let's pillow fight!!

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I hate watching the news.  Particularly the news on commercial television. I'm not saying that the news isn't important - we all need to have a clue as to what is going on in the world - I just find it to be a very problem based reporting stream with very little solution offered.  The emphasis is on the negative without balancing it out with the positive.  We see all the problems and shit in the world with very little emphasis on the lovely wonderful happy happy joy joy that life offers people around the world every single day. So I don't watch it choosing instead to read the headlines on line.  But then I go visiting (like we have done this Easter) and the news is on while eating breakfast.  I try to block it out but it's hard when the volume is on FULL for the benefit of those who are more deep fried than me.  And thank goodness!!! Otherwise I would never have heard about International Pillow Fight Day. Finally something fun, light hearted and even a tad uplifting!

Hang on a minute?!

International Pillow Fight Day?!

Are you serious?

I am sooooooo blogging that!!

On Saturday 7 April there were massive pillow fights in cities all over the world. Amsterdam, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Austin ... and that's just the "As" ... Baltimore, Barcelona, Basel ... all the way through to Zurich.

At first I thought Australia had bowed out of this international event, but luckily Sydney got a mention in there (it took place at Central Station).  What a wonderful idea! What better way to bring a sense of kid-nom and frivolity to an otherwise problem-based world than to have a massive pillow fight! What a great way to get people out of their living rooms and into the streets for some "I am totally out of my comfort zone" physical activity. What a great way to make use of those lumpy old dust-mite-infested sweat stained pillows hidden away in the bottom of the linen cupboard.  What a great way to get me listening to the news again ...

What a great excuse to go and start hitting my family around their heads.

When was the last time you had a pillow fight?

For more information on International Pillow Fight Day go to 


  1. Oh man just dont make me shake my hair around and laugh like it doesnt hurt when you slap me in the face with your 20 kg feather pillow! Is it just me, or can some pillows weigh a tonne and bloody hurt!

  2. HAhah very funny pillow fight.... When i was in teen age me and my brother&sisters doing this type of pillow fight.
    Be always happy

  3. when I was a kid, me and my brothers and sisters do battle pillow style, it's very interesting.
    Be always happy


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