Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 924

Ok. So yesterday's crap session was a bit crappy ... I apologise for worrying everyone ... today we'll strive for rainbows, unicorns and pixie dust.

Today it doesn't matter that our escape from all things cold and cloudy has led us straight to all things torrential in the tropics. The rain will probably stop for short bursts of sunshine and if it doesn't we'll make our own sunshine.

Today it doesn't matter that I have some sort of face migraine that reoccurs daily and that my stomach is feeling dodgy.  I'll continue to take pain killers and stay near a toilet.

Today it doesn't matter that my book had another two pages replaced in it yesterday due to incorrect chapter headings. Somehow we ended up with two chapter threes and two chapter sevens! Isn't that fascinating? Better that we discovered it before 2000 copies are bound and sent to stores.  I only swore for a short while and stamped my feet a little bit. It's only money.

Today it doesn't matter that I didn't get Prince tickets even though he is my favourite artist on the planet.  I agree that our money is better spent replacing the above pages.

Today it doesn't matter that Husband is starting to have second thoughts about building an office onto the house and that I may be destined to use the dining room as an office forever.  We will end up making the decision that is right for us. I haven't cancelled the architect just yet. 

Today it doesn't matter that my hair is getting frizzier and frizzier (and bigger and bigger) the further north we go.  I can gel it all back in a big boofy bun and stick a flower in it to truly get into a resort frame of mind.

Today it doesn't matter that I forgot to bring the aforementioned hair flowers with me. I can buy more or steal them from people's gardens.

Today it doesn't matter if I need to cry due to life's frustrations fascinations. Crying is a lovely way to cleanse and you don't have to stay sad for long.  Forcing a smile tricks the dopomines into believing you are actually happy and as a result the tears subside. 

Today there will be no crap.  I choose to be poo free.

Have a great day.

Deep Fried Fruit partaking in some dopamine trickery (and self photography) at Rainbow Bay


  1. Go Leanne, just leave the crap behind!

    I haven't visited your blog in a while as I am on hols and internet access has been a bit dodgy. I've missed your daily 'catch up', and will def go back to read them when I get home.
    Have a great day! x

  2. This too shall pass , this too shall pass.........breathe ,smile and soak your feet in warm water and epsom salts ...feel better :)

  3. Oh sweets. How the parallels continue between us without even trying. Here I was commenting on Prince tickets on Facey today. Made that remark about how lucky you must have been to miss the big rains. Sent you the goofy cheer gorilla not knowing that was probably how you were feeling at the time. And, I even commented to myself yesterday on how gorgeously curly your hair was getting now that you were getting closer to Noosa. All this without reading your blog today. (& to continue the coinky dink moments, I too have had weird facial pain AND stomach irritability AND a couple of big issues came to light yesterday that baffled me with...fascination! Yes, I thought of you and used that word instead of something more sinister). Sooo glad to hear today is better. If you still have the frownies, maybe you could stand on your head in the sand & at least everyone will think you're smiling ;-)


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