Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 926

This week I am floating through life ...

I have joined the ranks of the great unwashed, complete with flowing clothes, ratty frizzy hippy hair, copious amounts of sleep and very little brain matter.  The mirror is not my friend nor is my to-do list.  I am avoiding both as I bumble through my days living in the now.

I am spending a ridiculous amount of time contemplating my naval and marveling at the return of my calf muscles who have suddenly decided to show up. These prodical little bastards have not visited in at least 18 months but have come back with a hell of a lot of pomp and ceremony now that I am walking up hills and stairs every day to return to the top of my mountain.

Am I enjoying my foray into this world of inaction and brainless oblivion? Hell yeah! But there is a niggle inside me that is telling me that stuff has got to be done.  Combine that with voice messages, emails and texts all requesting my presence back in the real world and I am waging an internal battle of the wills.  My body is screaming for a temporary world full of splatsville, my mind is supporting my body whole-heartedly, but my gut is telling me that perhaps I should keep myself anchored to Leanne-world (even if the chain is ridiculously long) just to make sure I don't float too far out to sea and never return.  

We all know the healing properties of water and floating.  Perhaps I will float for a little longer ... and think about that anchor tomorrow.  

The Deep Fried view - of the Deep Fried surfer kids

The Deep Fried floating zone - eat your heart out Edward Cullen, Noosa waters sparkle better than any sunlit vampire ever could.


  1. Oh the sparkling waters of Noosa. Damn you! I'm in Sweden and it is still snowing...

  2. Snow! How lovely. Sparkling of a different kind?


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