Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 927

I usually wear a tankini. This trip I've gone out on a limb (albeit a slightly tree-trunky leg of a limb) and opted for the bikini. What was I thinking?

Every time we travel to Queensland I buy myself new swimwear.  There is nothing like the swimwear in Queensland ... definitely nothing like it in Canberra-ville.  I usually opt for the "resort wear" look.  Tankini's that can be worn with pants or skirts to go straight from the beach to the cocktail bar.  Like this one that I bought two years ago (covers all the squidgy bits)

This year I thought I might get brave and try a bikini.

There is this boutique I often go to in Coolangatta to get my new swimwear purchase.  I snuck in there again this year while Derek and the kids were surfing at Rainbow Bay.  On the car ride up to the Gold Coast I had this vision in my mind of me in a black bikini with my freshly spray tanned body and slightly firmed up muscles due to weekly PT sessions with copious amounts of kettle bells.  So I went straight to the rack of  black and piled my stuff into the change room.

There is no way I look that bad in swimmers. NO WAY! Really?  After all that hard work and a $45 spray I still look like a water soaked sea sponge?  From the chest up (minus my frizzy head) I like what I see. Reasonably firm arms, well supported breasts and decent back.  At the stomach region I marvel again at the excess skin that creates elephant ripples and hangs loosely over my waist band regardless of how many sit-ups I do.  But what can you do?  There are kids involved and they are worth it. I can handle that (there's a certain amount of pride involved). But it's when I turn around and see my arse and upper thighs that I realise the lighting and the mirrors in this joint must be warped.  There is no way I am that squidgy and orange peely, is there?  Where did that hail damage come from??

I like the bikini top but sent the knickers back for something three times the size. Preferably with skirt or some sort of lovely drapery to cover the Sponge Bob Square Pants going on in my butt region.  The sales lady obliged and I have ended up with the BIGGEST bikini you have ever seen. But it is a bikini none-the-less.  And I have been wearing it on the beach for the entire world to see.  It's not so good for jumping and diving through waves (lost the top a couple of times) nor is it good to wear driving through the streets of Noosa (it unclipped itself on one drive and completely flung off like a sling shot leaving me topless ... luckily I was travelling alone and was able to pull over under a tree to fix the wardrobe malfunction) but it is lovely to  sun bake in and for being able to say "I wear a bikini".

There are no photos.  What happens on Noosa beach stays on Noosa beach. 

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