Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 928

How do you quieten an over-active mind?

I have finally washed and the floating has stopped with the anchor firmly secured around my waist.  So firm in fact that it's causing some stomach cramps.  

I've been sleeping a lot which I thought was due to my foray into relaxation but it seems could be partially due to some type of flu virus.  Perhaps I have no idea how to relax at all. There is a to-do list building up around me and I am starting to feel a little unwell.  

Yesterday afternoon I had a business meeting (here in Noosa) with a lady who is supplying merchandise for my new product line.  It was a lovely chat, with champagne in one hand, product samples in the other and a view of the Noosa water ways.  That meeting seemed to trigger some sort of taking-care-of-business bodily response which has put me back into action, action, action mode complete with brain boggle and a bit of reflux action going on in the chest and throat region (or is that the virus?)  As I chatted to her I realised it is only two months until my product launch.  There is so much to do! All that means I stayed awake for much of the night writing notes and thinking.  I spent a night of sleepy contradiction with the inability to stay awake being seriously challenged by an equal inability to fall asleep.  There was a mix of fatigued slumber inter-twined with anxious periods of complete awakeness. A strange predicament. And now I am buggered.  

Luckily for me I am still in Noosa with blue skies, hot sun and a very welcoming beach. If I need to go splat I can.  Or can I? I'm not sure my jittery mind boggled body will let me. Tell me - how do you quieten an over-active mind?

I know I said I would never show it, but perhaps a diversion into all things bikini-land might help.  In the scheme of things a quick peak at my enormous bikini might take my anxieties elsewhere  .... 

Deep Fried bikini - what happens on this blog, stays on this  blog! No, you can't borrow this photo. Ever!


  1. I'm a frequent sufferer of over-active mind and the only way to cure it for me is to write it all down. I need to sit and write it, be it a list or a story of worry. If its a list I also take it the next step sometimes and plan the when's to getting it done. Once ive done that I can normally let it go, knowing its safely planned for when I actually want to tackle it, rather than being at me in my mind all day and night ;). You look gorgeous in your bikini :). xoJ

  2. Oh and dear friend, there's no chance your going to be dropping any balls in your wonderful new project, even if it is only two months you will get it all done so I say tell your anxieties to go jump while you jump some waves with your babies! :)

  3. You're a good chick Jaak. Thanks for the Enlightenment, Encouragement and Enthusiasm. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  4. I'd try to remind your brain that you are actually on top of things. You are ready for this launch & you are entitled to a week of downtime ahead of the next few busy months. There's probably no time to be in the now than at the beach. And (insert wolf whistle here) I almost mistook you for a cheer chick!

  5. You look smokin!Enjoy the waves and blue skys and put that mind to rest :)

  6. When I can't get to sleep I imagine myself on a beautiful beach like the one you are on and I write numbers in the sand and watch the waves wash it away starting at 100 ,99 etc that seems to slow my brain down.

    This one is going to sound weird sometimes I imagine fabric and dress designs ODD I know as I can't sew. It seems if I distract my brain with some other thoughts that are pleasant ....slumber comes. You look fantastic :-)

  7. Thx Michelle. And interesting relaxation methods Julie. Worth a shot!!! Cruising around the Noosa river with champas in hand today definitely helped.


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