Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 929

My dream home - it will be mine, oh yes, one day it will be mine.

After I left you yesterday I tackled some parts of my to-do list, including going through 143 emails and calling my PR person to talk through some of the things swirling through my brain. After that call, as the rest of the crew headed to the beach, I spent an hour going through my new product website with a fine tooth comb so that the website builder can finalise work and I can sign off and take over managing the site. I then wandered down the 200 bush stairs to the beach to join the family for an hour. I swear it was only five minutes later that we were packing up our stuff and heading back to the apartment for an early lunch.  I used that time for a couple more to-dos and to rest a churning stomach.

Then I headed back to the land of floating.

Husband had organised a lovely pontoon style boat for the afternoon, complete with BBQ and toilet, for a three hour sojourn around the Noosa River.  The toilet was specifically for me as I am the only one in the entire family (which includes grandparents) who needs to piddle every hour or so.  If we are driving any distance it's me screaming "are we there yet" due to irritable bladder.  Irritable bladder, irritable bowel, irritable sinus, irritable ovaries .... just plain irritable. I can't even take the kids to Sky Fire in Canberra because I would need to line up for most of the festivities with a thousand others to pee in one of the few public toilets. Time for me to start wearing nappies? So we paid the extra eighty bucks for the deluxe model so that I could pee without having to dive into the river to do that whole floating-while-you-pee-with-legs-dangling-and-marine-life-swimming-and-it's-freaking-me-out-so-much-I-may-just-have-a-heart-attack-and-die thing.  The thought of things swimming around me without me knowing scares the bejesus out of me.  Damn you Jaws!! Yes, yes, yes ... I know ... high maintenance.   So, we got the one with the toilet.  And oh what a toilet it was!! It was a tiny little thing only 30 cm above the ground (those regular squats at PT are worth something!) which came with its own pop up tent for privacy.  I'm not sure which was worse ... the idea of Jaws swimming around me in the river or being trapped in a 50cm x 50cm zippered box.  Anyway, I had a toilet ... let's get back to the floating ...

So yeah, we spent the afternoon floating around the Noosa River with champagne in one hand and bikkies and dip in the other.  We cruised around the lovely houses and marveled at the posh boats.  I found my dream home and have taken photos of it AND it's boat to add to my visualisation board which will magically make it mine in a few years time. Then we "landed" on a secluded beach and had a little burger and hot dog style BBQ before heading off again for floating while boating.  Everyone had a ball. Darby couldn't stop talking the entire trip, Tahlia was in full princess wind-blowing-through-hair mode, Nanny laid out, Pop sat at the front drinking a beer, Derek drove and I sipped the champas.

When we got back I really didn't want to make return phone calls (the calls I had declined while floating), but I did ... to further cleanse my mind ... and then had a ten hour sleep. Yep.  I am fully rested.

Thanks for all the suggestions on resting my cluttered mind yesterday.  Just hearing your thoughts and feeling your support went a long way to calming the chaos.

Happy Sunday everyone!  We're off to the Noosa Harbour Markets and some more time on the beach.

Deep Fried floating - pontoon style

Mr DFF with his iddy biddy BBQ on a lovely secluded beach

The Noosa River

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