Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 934

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My husband has decided that the sun shines out of our arses.

As we were travelling towards Noosa two weeks ago we came across far too many rainy patches for our liking.  We were starting to get a little concerned that our "let's extend our summer" holiday to the Sunshine Coast may end up in a "let's extend our winter" holiday to the Cyclone Coast. But as luck would have it the further north we went, the longer the sunny patches became. Wherever we stopped, so did the rain.  When we went to the beach a ray of sunlight would find us. In one particular instance the entire coast line was grey with rain as far as the eye could see, but our beach was awash with gold. By the time we got to Noosa their two week period of rain magically vanished and we had seven days of perfect sunshine.  On the day we left the rain clouds started to gather and the world became a little more grey.

As we head south towards home there is a definite chill in the air but so far we have blue skies.  Reports from home over the last few days suggest it is freezing in Canberra-ville with temps in single digits and an icy wind.  There are even reports of snow in the mountains.  We have not been looking forward to our return. But a quick check of the good ol' BOM website suggests that the closer we get to Canberra, the warmer Canberra is becoming, with temps soaring back up to around 20 degrees by the time we are due to return.  Due perhaps to a Langdown arsey glow?

Yes Husband, perhaps the sun does shine from our arses.  Let's hope so anyway ...


  1. You should start travelling around the country, hiring yourselves (your arses) out. Wait till Melbourne hears about you!

  2. Ha ha! If it's true, I'm sure you could make a fortune from people paying you to stay in Canberra! ;)

  3. OK, it looks like the sun may just shine from your arses. This means you are going to have to keep travelling a little further south to bring some sun down here and get rid of the bloody rain. Please?!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Would love to come down that way Mandie! Will bring my shiney bum with me. And yes Jess ... with hit the ACT Government for some sunshine dollars :)

  6. Could you come stand in my garden for, say, an hour? Thanks. ;-)


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