Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 938

Lot’s happenin’ in the world of Deep Fried Fruit. 

It’s less that two months until product launch.  Yikes!

Today I am meeting with my photographer for some product placement photos … well actually, they’re not product placement photos but rather photos of food.  But they will be photographed in a product placement style. 

Yes, there is food involved in this project I am working on. How mysterious! And fancy me being involved in any sort of cookery or food preparation. Now that’s a laugh. Me, the non-foodiest person on the planet. I may be the only person alive who doesn’t watch Master Chef. I just don’t get the attraction.  They might as well do a TV show on cleaning toilets and showers, because cooking is right up there on the list of chores I would happily transfer to someone else.  Yet here I am about to participate in a photo shoot about food. Interesting …

Then later today the kids and I are off to a real life sound studio.  No, I am not producing a record … In any way shape or form. Cooking is one thing, but singing is quite another.  I know they can do clever things with pitch and waa waas and stuff, but nothing could disguise my lack of musical talent. We are off to the sound studio so that Tahlia can lend her speech to a little character we have created (all part of the product line) so that our product ambassador has a voice of her very own!

It’s all so terribly exciting! And it feels kind of fancy and posh …

The whole this is just getting curiouser and curiouser isn’t it?

PS I have the most shocking sinus pain.  It is making me want to throw up. No congestion, not a sniffle, just severe deep set sinus pain.  Pain killers and sinus meds make it worse.  I am on the cusp of chucking today in and lying on the couch ... but I can't.  The success of this relies on me.  I am the product line. I need to find the strength (and some relief) from somewhere. I am off to steam my nasal passages ... any other suggestions?


  1. With a combination of anti-inflammatories (thanks Rach) and sucking on ice to reduce inflamation/swelling (thanks Mum) I am able to function again. Thanks guys!

  2. I'm with you Leanne. Cooking is a chore, one that leads to another chore. Cleaning up!

    Your project sounds very interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing more. And I do hope you feel better!

  3. I feel your pain I too suffer with sinus I have found that the F.E.S.S sinus spray the one with Eucalyptus in it helps also the Sudafed P.E.allergy and pain relief. Thats about all that works with me if I don't get it early enough I do throw up ....just awful. Hope you get relief soon.

  4. I remember FESS! Will definitely get back onto that. Yeah, I was standing over a toilet yesterday morning threatening to throw up. Bloody sinus'!

  5. I too suffer from chronic sinus and have found great relief using a neti pot. A little unpleasant at first, but well worth the result and no nasties to ingest.

  6. Is that where you squirt saline u your nose to clean things out? I have a squeezy bottle thing we used for my son for his dust mite alergy. Perhaps I should try that! Thanks Tracy :)


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